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If you are thinking of traveling to Africa in the future these prices and the travel, gun permits, legalities, travel nightmares, required vaccinations beginning 6 months before you leave the US, hunt complications and rifle travel, these hunts are about 1/10 of the price and are hunted in a similar way. Instead of the high priced Africa trip you will be hunting in the beautiful Texas Hill Country the number 1 desired place to hunt in Texas, USA.

Aoudad, or barbary sheep as they are known in New Mexico, are the only exotic that even if raised in captivity and released in 6 months will be completely wild and can be more difficult to hunt than whitetail. I always put aoudad as hunts that are medium to extreme impact due to the steep canyons that you must traverse to get to them, then they quickly slip back up to the top without you even seeing them. They will then run to the next canyon and quickly drop down to the bottom and hide where you will never find them.

Our premier exotic game hunting packages are catered to both families and serious hunters. We are a family-owned and operated ranch and are committed to providing you with a superior trophy hunting experience. With a combination of excellent guest services, exotic game and lodging, you’ll get a hunting experience you will always remember positively.

Because of the treachery of this canyon hunting and the physical requirements to pursue an aoudad in their native habitat this hunt is guided for free and they are on private land as well. Because of the environment and the difficulty traversing the canyons to find these pure breed aoudad on the ranch, the rancher has put up a fence to keep any wild aoudad from getting in with females and getting a mixed strain causing the coats to not be as perfect as these pure breeds. This is the quality and cape that you will want if you are going to have one of these trophy animals mounted for your living room.

One notable trait of these aoudad is their hair and horn quality. Because they are not pursed all the time, they are less damaged by their daily life of survival then other aoudad that you hunt in Texas. Therefore if you are going to have your aoudad mounted, they come out extremely well no matter which taxidermist you take them to. Your taxidermist may also comment on the quality of the cape.

If you have some hunters that don’t want to pursue the aoudad in the canyon then this is the only place where there is the ability to hunt aoudad like whitetail.

1. Two blinds are set on prime game trails that the aoudad use to get to the top of the canyons and on to the plateau for better feeding conditions.

2. There is also the option to hunt the aoudad Safari Style with the guide driving, glassing, spot then get out of the vehicle in a low spot and stalk to the edge of the canyon for a shot.

All these hunts require 2-3 hunters at a time. There is only one group allowed on the ranch at a time, otherwise the aoudad can get too spooky and no one gets a shot. Advance scheduling is needed. Since you can hunt them all day, not just the morning and evening, the hunt is 1 day long.

A scoped .25 caliber or larger with a 120 grain or larger bullet rifle is recommended to be zeroed in for 200 yards. Aoudad is a tough animal and the only thing worse than pursuing an aoudad for a shot is pursuing a wounded aoudad in these canyons.

Keep in mind that aoudad is not the only big game on the ranch and that we are able to get great discounted prices on for a very limited number of each animal on a first come first serve basis until we meet the limited quota. Then they will increase to the regular price. The ranch just wants to take off 10% of each animal each year to continue to have the high quality animals that it is known for.

Short of South Africa, your options are few to put one of these beautiful animals with two jet black horns reaching 30“ up into the sky!



White-tailed Deer - Free Ranging and Estate Hunts

We hunt whitetail deer to meet your shooting and physical ability. We have a lot of deer and what comes by and what you shoot is your choice. There are plenty of whitetail in an assortment of sizes, take your best shot. The bulk of them are 120” or smaller, but if you can pass some you will be rewarded with a real Texas wall hanger.


Aoudad Hunt- Poor Man’s Desert Sheep

The Aoudad sheep hails from North Africa, and is considered by many to be the most challenging species

of sheep to hunt. Both male and female have exceptionally large horns, but a full grown male can weigh over 300 pounds. The Rams taken range from 27” to 34”, but you have the trigger and you own it not the guide. Shoot whatever Aoudad that you wish.


Red Stag Hunts:

New Zealand genetics​

The red stag or red deer is famous as being Europe’s version of the elk. Although smaller, the red stag can still grow to be almost 600 lbs. & with its antlers ending in an amazing crown it is considered more impressive than its American counterpart. The Ranch genetics originated from New Zealand stock which was transplanted from the Caspian Sea area to New Zealand by Kings of England back in the early 1700's. These Bulls are well known for their Trophy Quality.


Texas Ram Hunts:

On the property, we have Texas dahl, black Hawaiian, Corsican, mouflon, red sheep and painted ram. These are a great low cost hunt. They are great for a father and youth hunt.


Wildebeest Hunts:

Wildebeest long mane hair has supplied him the name when he runs of “long Flowing Hair”. For the Dutch for "wild beast" or "wild cattle" "beard", and "flowing hair", "mane". All these names fit this highly prized trophy animal to hunt. Their running pattern alone will always get your attention, it is a breed all its own.


Asian Water Buffalo:

A massive animal much like Africa’s Cape buffalo with the large boss but a separate skull bone structure and horns. Many Hunters call it, Asia’s Cape buffalo equivalent. A whole lot of meat to fill a freezer and good eating at that, like beef, but leaner. Great for those wanting to eat meat but need to lower their fat intake.


Watusi: Huge Bulls and Cows that eat like beef

They carry large horns that dwarf those of a Longhorn bull. This large horn has porous cells which allow the body to pump blood theory to cool it and return it to the animal’s body in hot climates. The meat was highly desired by kings and lords.


Rio Grande Wild Turkey Hunts

We typically only harvest during the Spring Turkey Season in April & May. Several packages are offered. The most popular package is our two day hunt with lodging and meals, 4 hunters minimum, you call turkey or I call for turkey, semi-guide to honey holes.


North Texas near Lubbock.

Hunt Type(s):

Guided private land free range and estate hunts.

Species & Recommended Seasons:

Aoudad, oryx , addax, scimitar oryx, gemsbok oryx, black buck antelope, red stag or red deer, whitetail deer, lechwe, axis deer, fallow deer, ibex, barrasingha, blue wildebeest, muflon rams, painted rams, balboa rams, Texas dahl rams, merino rams, Spanish and Catalina billy’s. As for birds there are doves and turkey.


Outfitter provides licenses.

Party Size:

One or more per group.

Mode of Travel:

Vehicle and foot.

Hunt Difficulty:

This is considered a low impact hunt meaning easier walking.

Animal Quality:

See animal sizes in the pricing section.

Success Rate:

It has been a 100% success and will continue to be so.


We list the animal that we have on the ground at the time. In rotation as our numbers get lower, we transplant additional animals into to the appropriate habitat, then they move to whatever habitat the others of that type of animals located. Then we grow the herd for that animal. In this way we are always hunting animals that are completely aware of their environment and the danger around people.

A hunting guide is required and typically free for a day on the hunts. Additional days is $400 per day unless voided by the outfitter, including locating, guiding, animal cleaning, transportation during the hunt, transporting game to hunters vehicle, loading game in hunters vehicle, providing all licensing record for transport of this harvest across the state lines.


Lodging in the cabin if available $50/person/night


Free range whitetail hunts:

Up to 120″ B&C: $795

120-129″ B&C: $1495

130-139″ B&C: $1995

140-145″ B&C: $2495

145 or better: Add $100 per inch over 145″

One doe included free with purchase of white-tailed buck or any exotic hunt


Whitetail Deer/ Estate Style/Guided/ Safari Style or Blind Hunting

Up to 120″ $795

121-125″ $1295

126-130″ $1495

131-140″ $1995

141-150″ $2995

151-160″ $3995

161-170″ $4995

171-180″ $5995

181-190″ $6995

191-200″ $7995


Aoudad Hunts:

26-28” $1995

29-30 $2495

31-33” $3000

Aoudad Ewe $400

1 Day Guiding Free (normally $400/day)


Axis Deer Hunts:

Blind shooting is the most effective way to hunt Axis deer

26-28” $1995

29-31” $2495

32-34” $2995

1 Day Guiding Free (Normally $400/day)

Doe: not currently available for harvest


Blackbuck Antelope Hunts:

Spot and stalk shooting are the most effective way to hunt black buck

Black Buck 16-17” $1995

Over 17” to 19” $2295

20”+ $2495

1 Day Guiding Free (Normally $400/day)


Fallow Deer Hunts:

Safari or Blind are the most effective way to hunt Fallow deer

3 year old 4-6” palm $1495

4 year old 7-8” $2495

5 year old 9-11” $2995+

1 Day Guiding Free (Normally $400/day)

Doe: not currently available for harvest


Sika Deer Hunts:

A Safari Style Hunt is best for Sika Deer

4x4 $1495

5x5 $1995

6x6 $2495

1 Day Guiding Free (Normally $400/day)


Ibex Hunts:

One of the most sought after & rare trophies. We have a small herd of Ibex and markhor but no shooters currently available for harvest. We do have some excellent ibex hybrids with great horns.


1 Day Guiding Free (Normally $400/day)


Scimitar Oryx, Gemsbok Oryx and Addax Oryx Hunts:

$4000 & up

Scimitar Oryx:

35-37” $2495

39-40” $2995

Gemsbok $6495

1 Day Guiding Free (Normally $400/day)


Ram Hunts:

Texas Ram Hunt: Start at $500 & go up according to size & type.

1 Day Guiding Free (Normally $400/day)


Red Stag Hunts:

New Zealand genetics​

300"-325" $3995

326"-350" $5500

351"-375" $6995

376"-390" $8500

391"-399" $9500

400"-425" $10,995

426"-450" $12,995

451"-475" $14,995

476"-500" $17,995


Red Stag Cows: $995

1 Day Guiding Free (Normally $400/day)


Bull Prices by total inches. All final measurements are done by the outfitter.

Smaller Sub Species Red Stag as available up to 325” $2800



Wildebeest Hunts:

Adult Bull $4500

1 Day Guiding Free (Normally $400/day)


Asian Water Buffalo:

Mature Bull $2495

1 Day Guiding Free (Normally $400/day)


Watusi: Huge Bulls and Cows that eat like beef

$1495 to $2495

1 Day Guiding Free (Normally $400/day)


Rio Grande Wild Turkey Hunts

Main Package: 4-8 hunters, one gobbler, two nights lodging in deluxe main lodge, two days of hunting $795/person

Economy Package: 2-8 hunters, one gobbler, two nights lodging in a cabin, two days hunting.


Additional Gobbler $350 if booked at the time of the main hunt booking.


Dove Hunts:

1-5 doves per person semi-guide dove hunt $495

6-10 doves per person semi-guide dove hunt $450

From the main ranch we will travel about 15 miles.

Lodging in the cabin if available $50/person


All other exotics priced on demand


Adult/Youth Packages:

Hunting is a great and noble American tradition that has been passed down through generations. It has long been heralded as an important bonding event between parents and children, a way to disengage from city or suburban life, and a way to showcase the apex of human health and fitness.


Package #1: Economy Package

* One Exotic Ram (20" t0 26")

* One night of lodging & two meals

* One day of hunting with guide


(Add White-tailed doe for $100)


Package #2: Nimrod Package

* One White-tailed buck

* One Exotic Ram (20"-26")

* One White-tailed doe

* One night of lodging with two meals

* One day of hunting with guide



Package #3: Deluxe Package

* One White-tailed buck

* Choice of one Ram or added white-tail buck

* Two White-tail does

* Two nights of lodging with two meals each day

* Two days of hunting with guide

(Bucks are 7 to 10 point of excellent size but not trophy class.



Use the Outfitter Request Form to check on availability, ask questions or book it.  Or call us using the phone number at the top of this page.


Disclaimer: All prices are per person unless otherwise noted.  No additional fees for booking, the price is the price except for NM adds sales tax.  Unless otherwise noted price is per person, no licenses/tags included, game processing and taxidermy costs extra.  There is no guarantee in hunting.  Availability and prices subject to change by the outfitter or landowner and they have the last word.  If there is a discrepancy between our posted price and what they say it is then we do our best to negotiate for you but offer no guarantee.  We do our best to audit them making sure what they say they offer they actually do by visiting them or going on hunts we pay for.  No refunds for early tag out.  No guarantee on filling hunting licenses.