FAQ Answered

We have done our best to answer some general questions below.  You can use the Hunt Provider Request Form to get more detailed questions answered.  Or call us at 970-593-0267.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. Are licenses included in the hunt price?

No.  Licenses have to be purchased from the state at a local agent or online.  Depending on the season, you may have to draw a license in the annual drawing.  We can help with that.

2. Does your service cost me any extra? 

No.  We get paid by the hunt providers, including licensed outfitters and landowners, for advertising for them.  We are doing the research to help you get what you are looking for and it doesn't cost you extra for the service.  In fact, we negotiate prices with them each year to get you the best deals.

3. How does your service work?

What we do is advertise and do bookings for hunt providers that either don't want to do their own advertising or answer the phone all day because they are out working normally.  So we get to know them, their hunt options and their reputation as best we can and may go on a hunt with them at our cost to see how they treat hunters.  That way we are careful about who we represent.  Then we get to know you and what you are looking for and match up what we have available to what you are looking for.  We are hunters and want you to be successful and treated the same way we want to be.  We take a deposit for a hunt, send you an invoice in a couple weeks and include the hunt provider contact info at which time you can contact them to confirm your hunt and ask questions about arrival, hunting, etc.

4. When is the best time to book a trip?

The earlier the better, preferably before the states license drawing.  The reason is spots will fill up and you won't have as many choices.  Also you don't want to wait and see what happens with the license drawing because just because you buy a license doesn't guarantee a spot with an hunt provider.  So book your hunt, put in for the drawing taking advantage of the preference point system, if necessary get a leftover license and you should be set.

5. Can you take care of getting licenses for me?

If it's an over the counter type license you can do that anywhere they are sold and even online.  If it's a drawing or leftover license we can either advise you what you need or apply for you.  See our Watchdog program here: Voucher & License Watchdog

6. What is the difference between DIY, semi-guided and fully guided or outfitted? 

There is no single definition by any organizations to define these.  It's what ever the individual hunt providers say it is.  One may say fully guided but drop you off at a tree stand or blind.  Others may say semi-guided is showing you the property and talking to you about good spots but not have a guide per-se.  We use semi-guided as meaning 2 or more hunters per guide and fully guided as 1 on 1.  Sometimes semi-guided means they show you the property and give you intel on animal movements.  You have to read the hunt providers definition and pricing to see what is and is not included.

7. Where can I find more information on success rate? 

If there isn't any in the hunt provider write up then you can do your own research at the states game and fish website.  But keep in mind a guided hunt increases your success as well as hunting private property.  Colorado offers theirs in the Estimated Harvest Reports.

8. How do vouchers work? 

Vouchers let you bypass the draw process and buy a license.  It may take preference points to get a license and applying can cost you as well as years of waiting to get a license using preference points.  When you buy a voucher from a landowner then you still have to take that and buy a license.  

9. Can I get references for a specific hunt provider? 

If after booking with us you talk to the hunt provider and his references and decide it's not what you were looking for then we will refund you.  They pay us to represent them and they don't want us sending potential clients to talk to them that are not committed to the trip.

10. If I decide to rebook with the hunt provider again in the future, should I do it through you or though the hunt provider?

You definitely should book it through us because we discount the hunt providers prices sometimes and you won't get our prices through them.

11. Have any of your staff been on any of the guided trips you offer? 

Yes, many.  If we go on a hunt the cost is out of our pocket.  If you need a personal reference then let us know which hunt provider and we will let you know if we have one. 

12. If I tag out early can I get a credit for the days I don't hunt.

No, but you can call yourself lucky, or good, and relax the rest of the trip.

13. Can I extend my stay with an hunt provider once I'm there? 

That depends on the hunt provider and their current situation.  Some have fees for extra days.  Keep in mind that hunt providers have to schedule guides and other hunters and may not have the space to allow you to stay.  Banking on being able to stay longer if you wanted to would be a gamble and most likely not a possibility.  So it's better to spend a little extra, schedule a longer trip and get an extra tag since you already have the expense of the trip.

14. How much of a deposit do you need to book? 

We require 50% deposit and the remainder 45 days prior to your trip.  If it's for next year, rather than this year, we can do $200/person, then remaining first 50% due Jan 1 next year and then last 50% due the hunt provider 45 days before your trip.

15. What is the policy if I book a trip and have to cancel at the last minute? 

It happens and we have to stick with the hunt providers policy.  Normally the policy is to hold your funds for a later year and you can go another time.  But we may need to re-book your spot to be able to do that.  Again, it depends on the hunt and when it is.

16. Can I reserve a year ahead of time or more? 

Absolutely. The 50% deposit is due upon booking with the remainder due to the hunt provider 45 days prior to your trip.

17.  Can I book a trip and add another person later?

It depends.  If you are paying for private land access and staying in a hotel or cabin that holds more than your current party then it's probably fine.  If it's a lodge or drop camp situation then those are harder to do that with and better to get commitment from the whole party before booking.  But it's always possible.  Let us know if you need to do that and we will work with the hunt provider.

18.  What is the party size limit?

Each hunt has a party size minimum and maximum.  The minimum is what is required to book a hunt.  The maximum is the most they allow at one time since some properties are only a certain size or the animal density is only so much or lodging only allows for a certain number.  We try to keep the pressure limited to keep the quality high.