Hunting Trip Booking Info

Our Philosophy:

We make our best recommendations to put you on the path to hunting success.  What we do is advertise and book hunts for hunt providers including landowners and  licensed outfitters that either don’t want to do their own advertising or can’t or maybe they just need to fill some extra spots each year, or they may be a new company or property and need help advertising.  We are hunters and wouldn’t send someone on a hunt we wouldn’t do ourselves, so we audit the places by going on as many hunts as possible each year, or we visit to make sure they actually do what they say they offer. We want hunters to be treated the way we would want to be treated.


The Process:

What we would want to do is gather as much information as we can get from you including but not limited to the following:                                

  1. Species (elk, deer, antelope, etc.)
  2. Season (archery, muzzleloader, rifle)
  3. Guiding Preference (DIY, semi-guided, guided)
  4. Lodging Preference (cabin on private, DIY, wall tent)
  5. Number in Your Party
  6. Budget Range Preference
  7. Number of Preference Points You Have
  8. Low Impact Needed (i.e. easier hiking)
  9. Anything else you can think of

Use the form on this page to provide the above information so we can help you: Hunt Info Request

Then we will send you some options that best fit what you are looking for. You will need to take time looking through the details, click on the Hunt ID links for pictures and detailed writeup, ask any questions you have and when you are ready to book something call me. The phone number is on the main home page or bottom of my emails. I will write up an agreement which is emailed to you.  Each person in the group must reply back "I agree".  I will email the invoice with payment instructions.  Once the deposit is received we will send your info and deposit to the hunt provider and get you booked. After a couple weeks we will send you a receipt with their contact info and you will want to contact them to confirm they have your booking, possibly nail down hunting dates with them and ask any other questions you might have.



NM adds sales tax but other states do not.  Unless otherwise noted price is per person, no licenses/tags included, game processing and taxidermy costs are extra.  There is no guarantee in hunting.  Availability and prices subject to change by the hunt provider and they have the last word.  If there is a discrepancy between our posted price and what they say it is then we do our best to negotiate for you but offer no guarantee especially at the end and beginning of the year when prices are increasing.  We do our best to audit them making sure what they say they offer they actually do by visiting them or going on hunts we pay for.  No refunds for early tag out.  No guarantee on filling hunting licenses.



Most states have a preference point system for their license drawing or there are licenses you can buy over the counter. Each state is different. We help you with getting your licenses either by giving you what you need to apply or buy the license or by applying for licenses for you. But in order to do that we need your specific information like DOB, SSN, etc. This is the same information you would provide the state if you bought the license yourself. We also get CO leftover licenses from the drawing when available. For that we get in line at 4am so we can be first in line when they go on sale. We do this because there is a high demand for leftover licenses.



If the hunt reservation is for next year we do a 50% deposit to hold your spot and lock in this year’s price when we can, assuming the hunt provider is ok with that.  Then the last 50% is due to the hunt provider 45 days before your trip.


Success Rate:

As far as our success rate, if we don’t have an average success, it comes down more so to the hunters. If they select the hunt because of the low price and not because they know how to hunt a particular game animal their success is lower than someone that knows how to hunt that particular game animal. We find that they lose interest and begin sleeping in until 9-10 o’clock. This type of poor time management will not fill your tag, but how you manage your time is up to you. These areas we are hunting have much fewer hunters because it has a limited number of hunters that can hunt these areas or the property has limited access. We try to level the playing field by providing you with lodging and the history of hunting the area.


For guided hunts some hunt provides don’t track success rate or sometimes don’t even get pictures. For DIY we don’t track success rate as it is too difficult to get consistent information. But for all our DIY hunts the hunt provider will provide information to you so that you aren’t going in completely blind on opening day and you have the best possibility for success.


With that information most hunters are successful. We are not with you when you hunt so you can manage you time hunting as you would like. The fruit of the hunt is for you and controlled by you, hunting is not a walk in the park but as a rule most of our hunts fill their tags with anything from an average to a trophy animal.


Size is all across the board since the hunter has the full control of when he pulls the trigger. We will give you an estimate of the average animal’s size if you are an average hunter. Your success and size animal will be average. If you put forth the effort to be a better than average hunter and shooter then the outcome of your hunt will be better than average. You are the deciding factor. Spend your hunting time wisely and you will be rewarded.


Adding to your success are the properties we have to hunt that are typically back in corners and lightly hunted public land. And if it says “blocked public” it means we have some landlocked public or BLM land that has private land all around it preventing access other than by the neighbors. Or there is public access but it’s going to be miles away from your location. Because of the checkerboard nature of the land ownership map we provide access across the private land to get into this land locked BLM. There is some large portions of private land but it is not the norm and usually guided hunting.



We do our best to weed out any bad hunts and hunt providers before we do any bookings and even go on the hunts at our cost and/or visit their location to verify what they say they have and offer they actually do to protect our clients. After we receive a booking from you and a deposit we send you the hunt providers info and details and the hunt provider will contact you and discuss in more detail of what to expect and provide location in case you need to make a hotel reservation and references. If after talking to the hunt provider and getting references if they provide them, if for whatever reason you decide that it’s not a good fit for you, we can either look for something else that fits better or do a refund.


Hunt Provider Information and Locations:

We don’t give out hunt provider specific contact information or locations before a booking because they don’t want people calling them since that is what our responsibility is.  They don't want hunters rolling up in their driveway or visiting their locations until their hunt date. We can give you a general location so you know about where you are going but they don’t allow scouting of any kind. They pay us to do the advertising and bookings and answering questions. And going to them you won’t get a discounted price lower than what we offer.  Prices are tied to what the hunt providers want. So if we don’t have an answer on what you need to know then we get your answer. After doing the booking and getting you reserved we send you the hunt provider information to contact them. Within the first week of receiving their contact information and after contacting them you decide it’s not for you we find you something else or do a refund.


Refund Policy:

The states Fish & Wildlife departments sell licenses and you have to follow their rules for refunds on licenses. After doing the booking and getting you reserved we send you the hunt provider information to contact them. If after contacting them you decide it’s not for you we find you something else or do a refund. No partial refund for filling tags early or not filling tags. Hunting is hunting and not guaranteed. Almost all hunt providers will not do a refund if you don’t draw a license but there are other options. But then you don’t want to put in for a license and then not have a place to hunt once you find out you did draw. Therefore hunt providers do not do refunds but will either move you to a different season which is helpful because other seasons don’t require a drawing and can buy a license over the counter or they will let you postpone to another year which guarantees a reservation for that year since they don’t normally book more than a year in advance.  Once we send your deposit to the hunt provider you are under their rules for refunds plus however they continue your hunt experience which is out of our control.  We do our best to make sure we only represent reputable hunt providers but can't control how they perform.