Colorado Outdoor Sports


As a member to the Colorado Outdoor Sports club we offer new members the opportunity to join a club for hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation. 

Colorado Outdoor Sports (COS) actively seeks leases year round for exclusive use by our members to hunt, fish and camp. Our proven system for locating and leasing quality properties has been refined and perfected over many years; which today offers members excellent hunting and fishing opportunities.

We Have It All

We do not disclose where the properties are to protect them and our members, We have properties  within five minutes of these towns in Colorado; Sterling, Padroni, Wiggins, Goodrich, Ft Lupton, Florrisant, Idahoe Springs, Colbran, Fruita, Byers and Leader. We also lease near Cheyenne Wyoming and Imperial Nebraska.

The amount and types of properties to be leased are determined by our members’ needs.  When filling out an application for membership, information is collected to tell us the game they desire to hunt.  Some want only to hunt big game, others desire waterfowl, upland game, fishing, etc.  Using this information, we make sure that all of our member’s needs are met.

Expanded Opportunities

As a member of the Fair Chase Technologies, we are able to offer other outdoor opportunities to our members that other clubs can’t.  Unlike most clubs, as part of FCH, you have the unique opportunity to book daily hunts on various club properties nationwide.

We regularly find opportunities for discounts to club members for guided trips, meat processing and taxidermists.


With each property, we look for improvements that can be made in the habitat to improve the conditions for the wild game on the property. We work to educate landowners on ways to improve wildlife populations as well.   Some members volunteer to also improve habitat and hunting quality for properties as well.  It’s these reasons why our club’s properties have performed so well, year after year.


Membership Type What's Included
Premium Big Game, Turkey, Upland Game Birds, Waterfowl, Small Game, Predators (No Mountain Lion) and Fishing
Big Game Only Big Game including Elk, Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, Antelope and Black Bear.
Predator & Prairie Dogs Only Hunt predators and prairie dogs on most of our properties.
Fishing Only Fishing


Ready to learn more?  Call us today at 970-593-0267 and learn how we can make your next season one to remember.  Or use the Contact Us page with your questions.