Discount Hunts & Fishing

We have discount hunts, vouchers for access and fishing trips available.


Visit our list of GUIDES & OUTFITTERS BY SPECIES PAGE to find specific information for those hunts covering both USA and Canada outfitters.

We also have services in Africa and Mexico.  Visit those pages for specific details on discounts from guides and outfitters in those countries.

Use the Request Form page to ask any questions you might have or to book your trip.


Interested in a top quality hunting experience?  Want a horseback, spot and stalk or tree stand hunt?  We have a large selection with 60 outfitters and ranchers/landowners offering over 100 hunts in 10 states and Canada for 15 main species including everything from turkey to elk.  Maybe you want a discounted do-it-yourself hunt or maybe you want a fully guided trophy hunt or something in between.  

Using a broker has many advantages:

  1. This service is free to hunters.
  2. Outfitters want to fill space if they are reputable or not.  But you have our experience in successful and unsuccessful clients.  However, keep in mind, it's hunting and not always 100% successful.
  3. We vet and police the outfitters and guides to eliminate your worry about not getting the experience you paid for.
  4. Most of our hunt prices are 5 to 50% lower than market.
  5. Over 95% success rate (5 year average) on guided rifle hunts (DIY hunts are not tracked).

DON'T SPEND YOUR LIFE SAVING FOR THE HUNT OF YOUR LIFE! (Ask about our Book Now, Pay Later Program for hunters).

Some Key Notes:

  1. Booking: Don't buy or apply for a hunting license before you contact us to book your hunt.  The hunt you are interested in may not be available and booked up if you wait.  In most cases, outfitters will either refund your deposit, hold it for the future or have additional options available.
  2. Most outfitters offer additional discounts to youths and some will even do additional discounts for service personnel and seniors.  Check the outfitters specific information for information.
  3. Combo hunts may be available and may not add anything to the hunt cost other than the price of the tag.  These include fishing, wolf, turkey, bear, a second tag, a doe tag, etc..
  4. Fully guided normally means a 1 on 1 guide to hunter ratio with the guide with you all the time during the hunt.  Otherwise we consider it semi-guided meaning 2 or more hunters per guide or they drop you off at a stand or blind.  Although if it is designated as semi-guided and as hunters fill their tag you will most likely be guided 1 on 1 the latter part of the hunt.  For DIY and drop camps you are usually left to be on your own.
  5. Vouchers may be available if you are unable to draw a tag.
  6. Lodging and meals may or may not be included and be available and an extra cost. Other additional costs may be hunting license, tags, trespass fees, trophy fee, transportation, extra days, additional non-hunting guest, packing, game processing, gratuities and taxes.  Check the specific outfitter information to see if these are included or not and how much they may cost.
  7. Prices, services, dates and availability are subject to change without notice and may not necessarily be current.


Be sure to check on local laws, rules, regulations, fees and application requirements prior to booking and hunting.