This Just In = Metal Detectors and Accessories

We just added 340 products for metal detecting including Garrett, Fisher, Teknetics and DetectorPro.  Included are metal detectors, coils, coil covers, recovery tools, gold panning and prospecting equipment, security detectors and more.  Get out this summer while there is still time before the snow hits.

Some Examples are listed below.

Fisher F75: %%GLOBAL_ShopPath%%/fisher-f75-coil-combo-6-5-10-and-11/

Garrett GTI 2500: %%GLOBAL_ShopPath%%/garrett-gti-2500-pro-package/

Technetics Delta: %%GLOBAL_ShopPath%%/teknetics-delta-with-8-concentric-coil/

DetectorPro Wader: %%GLOBAL_ShopPath%%/detectorpro-headhunter-wader-8-coil/

Garrett Pinpointer: %%GLOBAL_ShopPath%%/garrett-pro-pointer/

Fisher Prospecting Kit: %%GLOBAL_ShopPath%%/fisher-hardrock-prospecting-kit/

Garrett Security: %%GLOBAL_ShopPath%%/garrett-pd-6500i-ezl-zone-bi-dir/