CO Quick-Picks Leftover License Watchdog System

CO Quick-Picks Leftover License Watchdog System

Tired of waiting to draw a license?

Not enough preference points to hunt the unit you want to hunt?

We have the solution!

Introducing the CO Quick-Picks Leftover License Watchdog System.  

What happens every year is someone draws a license which may or may not take preference points.  Inevitably they get turned in for a refund or to get their preference points back because the hunters can't hunt.  Then the licenses go on to the leftover license list and available to anyone that grabs them first.  We have developed a program that watches the list for available hunt codes matching what you are looking for.

If you don't have enough preference points we will put you in our system to watch for the licenses becoming available.  This is very valuable for those elk, deer and antelope licenses that take many preference points to draw because the leftover licenses do not require preference points to buy.

Our Watchdog is on guard for your hunt codes 24 hours a day.  It is a program that watches when they become available and we are alerted so we can buy them for you.  The purchase process is not and can not be automated.

We have already lined up outfitters in GMU003 for about 30 spots each for 2nd rifle mule deer and antelope and they have big 10,000 to 20,000 acre ranches.

Elk, deer and antelope licenses that can be turned in can typically take up to 5 preference points to draw in the first drawing.  Some can even take even more than 5 preference points saving you 5+ years to draw the license.

To be on the watch list for the Colorado Quick Picks Watchdog send an email to or text/call Mike at 970-218-4496 or call (970) 593-0267.

Process to Sign Up (preliminary and subject to change):

  1. If you have not done so already, sign up on the CO Parks & Wildlife system to be able to draw a license.
  2. The quickest way for us to get you your license is for us to have your ID and Password in order to purchase the license for you.
  3. Contact us with the hunt codes you want to get a license for.  
  4. The cost to register is $19.95 and includes one hunt code.  Each additional hunt code is $9.95.  If we are successful at getting the license for you the cost is $75 if booking a hunt with us and if not booking a hunt it's $95. Penalty of $50 for non-working credit cards at the time of license purchase.