Wild Boar Hog Hunting

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Code State Price Range Bag Limit Time Voucher DIY or Drop Camp Semi Guided Fully Guided Combo Available Low Impact Lodging Meals Licenses Class Success
AL-Montgomery-BDGS-BD AL $700-$1495 Unlimited w/Deer Hunt Oct - Jan       X Whitetail   House Included Over the Counter    
CA-AMENTOSACR-AHHA-IKEM CA $995   Year Round       X Ram   Bunk Houses On Your Own Outfitter    
FL-CHOBEEOKEE-UHO-EEL FL $175 - $350 ea.   Varies       X         Over the Counter    
FL-Labelle-CM-Crews FL Call 2 All Year             Trailer Included Over the Counter    
OK-Coalgate-RRBS-Ricki OK $300 - $500 1+       X       Lodge On Your Own Over the Counter    
OK-ENNECHEY-BOTRO-REGG OK $249/day Unlimited       X       House   Over the Counter    
OK-Smithville-BBR-Dale OK $75 - $395 ea. Unlimited       X       Cabin   Outfitter    
PA-Middleburg-HHH-Bill PA $500 & Up         X X     Lodge or Hotel Included Outfitter   100%
SC-HARLESTONC-SPH-ETEP SC $295/Day  1       X   2 Bucks, 1 Doe   Hotel  On Your Own       
TX-Antlers-OTO-Mike TX $200         X       Hotel   Included    
TX-Brady-DHG-Cory TX $200 - $350 Unlimited       X       Hotel On Your Own Over the Counter    
TX-ERVILLECENT-JR4-OELJ TX $100+ 3, Take a Preditor, Get a Refund       X       Hotel   Over the Counter    
TX-GVIEWLON-DHD-ILLB TX $200 - $550 2+     X         Cabin   Over the Counter    
TX-LZAA-TEB-ROYT TX $295 1 Trophy, 1 Meat       X X     Lodge Included Over the Counter   90%
TX-MANCOLE-HOTHUNT1STS-IKEM TX $195 - $875+ Helicopter Available       X X       Lodge Varies Over the Counter    
TX-NOPLA-GBIRHODS-OREYC TX $795/p for 2 Helicopter Hunt  Unlimited       X X     Varies Varies  Over the Counter     
TX-OHOND-CRG-LENG TX $150 - $895 1+               Cabin Varies Over the Counter    
TX-TODESO-TDN-AVED TX $195 - $495 Unlimited Jan - Feb   X X   1 Trophy Buck, 1 Doe, 1 Hen Turkey, 2 Hogs X House Varies Over the Counter    
TX-ELLHASK-OR-OGERR TX $650 3 Hogs All Year     X   1 Buck, 1 Doe & 1 Hog   Lodge Included Over the Counter    
TX-ITAWICHFALLS-SHL-LANA TX $595 2 Trophy OR 4 Meat OR 1 Trophy & 2 Meat       X       Cabin   Over the Counter    
TX-OLED7OTENDB-WJ7W-I7MJ TX $500 Unlimited     X         Camper or Hotel On Your Own Over the Counter    
VT-Fairlee-WHP-Bill VT $750 1 Trophy       X       Lodge Included Over the Counter    
WV-Greenville-MMHP-John WV $495 - $595 ea.   Apr     X       Available Available Over the Counter     

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