Hunting License Info

CO 2020 Hunting

CO Parks & Wildlife


CO 2020 Hunting License Dates:



                    Primary Draw Application Period 3/1-4/7 8pm MT

                    Primary Draw Results Posted 6/1-5

Secondary Draw Application Period 6/5-7/7

                    Secondary Draw Results Posted 7/17

                    Primary Draw Licenses Mailed 6/12-26 and Secondary Mailed 7/27


                    Leftover List Posted 8/1

                    Buy Leftovers Beginning 8/4

Over the Counter:

                    Buy OTC Licenses Beginning 8/6


                    Vouchers List Available 8/1 (Purchase from landowner only.  Contact Us for Availability)


Archery/Muzzleloader Hunts (General Dates = Not In Stone):

Pack-in 7 Day Archery Hunts: 1 day in (Sun), hunt 5 days and 1 day out (Sat). Each outfitter does it different so you/they may negotiate different days.

Cabin archery hunts are 7 days at the property arrival the night before and leave the last day.

Deer/Elk: Archery1 9/4-9/10, Archery2 9/11-9/17, Archer3 9/18-9/24, Archery4 9/25-9/30, Muzzleloader 9/12-20

Plains Deer: Archery 10/1-23, 11/4-30, 12/15-31; Muzzleloader 10/10-18;

Antelope: Archery 8/15-9/20, Muzzleloader 9/21-29


Rifle Hunts:

1st and 4th rifle seasons are 5 days arrival day before opener and leave day after last day.

2nd rifle season is 9 days and split in half for 5 day hunts.  3rd rifle season is 7 days for 5 day hunt with extra days possible.

Split rifle seasons are arrival the day before the season and leave the last day (first half of split) or day after last day (second half of split).

Elk Only: 1st Rifle 10/10-14

Elk/Deer: 2nd Rifle1 10/24-28, 2nd Rifle2 10/28-11/1, 3rd Rifle1 11/7-13, 3rd Rifle2 11/18-22, 4th Rifle 11/18-22, Late Varies

Plains Deer*: Rifle 10/24-11/3, 12/1-14

Whitetail Only*: Rifle 10/1-26, 11/7-30, 12/15-31

Antelope*: Rifle PLO 9/29-10/14, Public 10/6-12

 *unless otherwise noted in the brochure tables


2020 CO License Info:

Draw Application Fee Resident $7, Non-Resident $9

Moose/Bighorn/Goat Drawing Preference Point Fee Resident $50, Non-Resident $100

Elk Resident Adult $55, Youth (12-17) $16, Non-Resident Adult Bull $670, Cow $503, Youth $103

Deer Resident Adult $40, Youth(12-17) $16, Non-Resident Adult $401, Youth $103

Bear Resident $40, Non-Resident $101

Pronghorn Resident Adult $40, Youth $16, Non-Resident $402, Youth $103

Habitat Stamp = $10



Cost for Draw:

Resident = App $7 + $30 Small Game + $10 Habitat = $47;

Non-Resident App $9 + $83 Small Game + $10 Habitat Stamp = $102;

Additional cost for us to apply for you.  Go here for details.



WY 2019 Hunting

WY Fish & Game

Elk nonresident application deadline is 1/31, results posted February.

All other big game application deadline is 5/31, results posted June.

Full Price Leftover Sale July

Reduced Price Leftover Sale July

Buy a preference point = July 1 to October 31

Wyoming posts their hunting dates after the license drawing and each unit is different.

2019 Non-Resident bull adult/youth $707/$290 Special Elk $1283, PP $52/$10, Cow $303/$115, Deer $389/$125, Special Deer $677, PP $41/$10, Antelope $341/$125, Special Antelope $629, PP $31/$10

Wyoming Page for Hunting License Application Info


NE 2019 Hunting

NE Game & Parks

Permit application dates: Residents and nonresidents (draw units): June

Permit sale dates: Residents and nonresidents (all units): July – close of season


General-Season Hunt Dates

Archery: Sept. 1 – Dec. 26, 2019
November firearm: Nov. 16 – Nov. 24, 2019
Muzzleloader: Dec. 1 – Dec. 31, 2019

NonResident Buck $242, Doe $70


NM 2019 Hunting


NE Game & Fish

The NM drawing process is completely random. Each person is assigned a random number and then they go first to last looking at their 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices on their application and give tags based on availability.


Application 1/15-3/20, results posted 4/30.


I tend to steer people away from NM because it is more expensive and getting a license is difficult. We do have NM hunts and may have vouchers available but are limited.  NM doesn’t do preference points so you can build them up and know when you will draw a license. And for non-residents they limit the number to an extremely low percentage, something like 10% or less. CO has more elk than all the other states put together. And if you want a good time and to see a lot of elk CO is the state to come to.  


UT 2018 Hunting

UT Division of Wildlife

Applications 1/25 to 3/1

Leftover sale 7/20

Purchase OTC 7/11 elk, 7/13 deer

Bull $393, cow $218, Buck general $268, limited deer $468, antelope $293


General-Season Hunt Dates

General archery deer Aug. 17–Sept. 13

General muzzleloader deer Sept. 25–Oct. 4

General any legal weapon (rifle) deer Oct. 19–27

General archery any bull elk Aug. 17–Sept. 13

General archery spike elk Aug. 17–Sept. 6

General any legal weapon (rifle) spike and any bull elk Oct. 5–17

General muzzleloader elk Oct 30–Nov. 7

Youth general (rifle) any bull elk Sept. 14–22


MT 2018 Hunting

MT Fish & Wildlife

We tend to steer people away from Montana due to the wolf problem.  We know of outfitters that have gone out of business because of it.

Application 6/1 Antelope, 3/15 deer/elk

Drawing 8/1 Antelope, 4/18 deer/elk, 7/18 antlerless

Leftover licenses go on sale in August


IA 2018 Hunting

IA Department of Natural Resources

Deer licenses can take a preference point to draw.  We hunt IA/MO border on the MO side where licenses are over the counter.

Applications 5/6 to 6/4

Drawing results 2nd week of July and sent by 7/28.


Season Dates:

Bow 10/1-11/30, 12/17-1/10

Muzzy 10/13-21, 12/17-1/10

Shotgun 12/1-5, 12/8-16

Holiday Antlerless 12/24-1/2


MO 2019 Hunting

MO Dept of Conservation

Deer licenses are over the counter.

Non-resident Buck License $225


Season Hunting Dates

Archery Deer/Turkey Sept. 15 through Nov. 15 and Nov. 27 through Jan. 15, 2020

Firearms Deer Early Youth Portion: Nov. 2 and 3

Firearms Deer November Portion: Nov. 16 through 26

Firearms Deer Late Youth Portion: Nov. 29 through Dec. 1

Firearms Deer Antlerless Portion: Dec. 6 through 8

Firearms Deer Alternative Methods Portion: Dec. 28 through Jan. 7, 2020


SD 2019 Hunting

SD Fish & Parks

Apply by 7/15


ID 2019 Hunting

ID Fish & Game

2019 License $155

Tags Adult/Youth: Elk $417/$40, Buck general $302/$24, Antelope $312

Permits: Archery $20, Muzzleloader $20


TX 2018 Hunting

TX Parks & Wildlife

Deer license $315, hogs $49

Deer seasons: Archery October through December, Rifle November through Late January