Hunt #9037 Guided Mule Deer/Elk/Whitetail Private/Public

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Hunt ID: WY-9037

About the Hunt Provider:

If you like hunting deer this outfitter is your blessing, if he has slots available, because he has multipole good deer hunting locations for mule deer, elk and antelope with guided hunts to die for, at prices he has discounted.

Wyoming hunting is all about getting licenses when they are available. Many wait, and the licenses sell out before they put in for one. This outfitter has a Bull Elk and Economy Cow hunt plus 2 Economy levels (3 day & 5 Day) of Mule Deer Hunts, then for the Trophy Hunter a physical Trophy Mule Deer Hunt hitting honey hole pockets from an ATV with 15 minutes to 1 hour walks back in at other places few people ever see.

Mild winters in these areas have increased game numbers but the Wyoming Game and Fish has not increased the number of licenses given out each year. This has made hunting success go through the roof, which is great.

This outfitter books lightly to continue to have an excellent quality hunt. He has gone from 3-day hunt to 5-day hunts because the weather is so important in hunting these big Wyoming bucks that if the weather is against you it may take 2-3 days to get the weather working with you.

These deer did not get big by being dumb. Be certain you can shoot well so when the opportunity presents itself you are ready and have adequate shooting skills.

This outfitter ran 100% last year on mule deer and does every year with cow elk. And that is his target for this year. All mule deer hunts are the western classic mode of operation, spot and stalk.

Taking only a limited number of (total of 6) deer hunters per season but requiring them to be booking 2 together he has been able to make this hunt extremely affordable.

A good trick that these bucks play is to go on the opposite side of the fence when you come into the area. This outfitter can take you on both sides of the fence which puts these bucks in the truck. They big bucks have been around a long time so when you get after them this isn’t their first rodeo. They know enough to ditch every nimrod that has pursued them in the past. This outfitter is a Wyoming native and hunting all his life knows tricks that these big bucks have never seen before. You will learn more about hunting big bucks from this outfitter in one hunt than you could learn in a lifetime of hunting Wyoming Muley’s.



Mule deer Region R (Units 41, 47, 51, 52, 53), Region M (Units 39, 40, 164) near Buffalo, WY, Region X ( Units 122, 124), Unit 125 near Worland, WY, whitetail unit 41 type 3 license near Worland, WY.

Cow elk unit 49.

Hunt Type(s):

Guided hunts.

Species & Recommended Seasons:

Mule deer Sept-Oct, bull elk Oct thru early Nov, cow elk late.


Mule deer Region M takes 1 preference point or Special Buck Draw.  Region X takes 1 point.  Region R takes 1 point and special buck draw or 3 points.

Whitetail Unit 41 takes 1 point or a Special Buck to draw.

Cow elk zero points.

Bull elk 4 to 6 points.

Watchdog License Help

License and Season Information

Lay of the Land:

Multiple types of habitat including agriculture fields, draws, CRP, dry land pasture, open and rolling fields, junipers, cactus, creeks and river bottom. Private and public land. Cow elk hunting on private land.

Party Size:

One to 4 max per group.

Turkey hunts 2 hunters per year.

Mode of Travel:

Truck, UTV and foot.

Success Rate:

5 day deer hunts close to 100% success, 3 day hunt 60%, cow elk 100%.

Hunt Difficulty:

All hunts are tailored to your ability.


Trophy mule deer rut hunt 5 days guided $3195/person. More physical of a hunt than the others hitting hot spots, day beds, etc. Lower density high quality mule deer. Targeting bucks up to 160”+.

Whitetail November Rut Hunt Unit 41 guided 5 days $3195/person.

Antelope 3 days guided $1595/person.

Cow elk 3 days guided $1995/person, 2 hunter min., single hunter $2295. Second cow elk $895/person (license extra)

Trophy bull elk pack-in hunt $7295/person. Trophy bulls 300” and up to 360”.

Upgrade to guided 1 on 1 hunt add $1000. 

Guided Merriam Turkey, low hunting pressure, 2 days guided $795/person.


What’s Included:

  • Guided access to 90,000 acres prime hunting private land.
  • Transportation while on the ranch
  • Field care of game and pack-out

What’s Not Included:

  • Hunting Licenses
  • Transportation to Wyoming
  • Lodging
  • Meals
  • Game processing
  • Taxidermy

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Disclaimer: All prices are per person unless otherwise noted.  No additional fees for booking, the price is the price except for NM adds sales tax.  Unless otherwise noted price is per person, no licenses/tags included, game processing and taxidermy costs extra.  There is no guarantee in hunting.  Availability and prices subject to change by the outfitter or landowner and they have the last word.  If there is a discrepancy between our posted price and what they say it is then we do our best to negotiate for you but offer no guarantee.  We do our best to audit them making sure what they say they offer they actually do by visiting them or going on hunts we pay for.  No refunds for early tag out.  No guarantee on filling hunting licenses.