Hunt #7005 Guided Texas Exotics Estate Hunt

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About the Outfitter:

Weekend arrival is to check into the lodge, get you clothes, knifes, rifle and gear, sight in if needed, then go out to hunt with the outfitter. You can hunt and if you are a real good shot fill the same day. These are usually weekend hunts, but there are some weekday hunts considered depending on the group size.

We do allow archery and muzzleloader equipment but must advise of our wounding policy because it is more of a liability with primitive weapons than it is modern high-power rifles. In fact, in the high power rifles category, we require a 30.06 or a rifle with that knock down power at 100 yards or more. Elk and stag or Red Deer are tough and the country they live in makes it a hunt rather than a shoot. A wounded elk has better than a 50% chance of getting away and not being found. If there is blood, you have gotten your elk even if it doesn’t go with you if we can’t find it.

This time of the year the antler game animals are being pruned back to make the herd number objective to feed through winter, spring and the dry summer as the antlers grow again. The preferred time to harvest the antlered game is January and February, they have their largest body size, and the antlers are still tight. I look for this for my hunters for some great meat hunting prices and even some trophy animals available at the lowest cost time of the year. In addition, if you are driving down from a state north of Texas it is always warmer in Texas and instead of wearing a heavy coat and gloves many times a long sleeve shirt is adequate most of the day. It is not Hawaii, but heck you’re hunting you have to get some skin off your knuckles some way so you can say it was a rugged hunt. The hunt can be rugged, but the weather and temperatures can be amazingly comfortable.

If you are a hunter that knows how to gut deer, skin it, and quarter it, or just take it to the meat processor this is the hunt for you, your family or your hunting buddies!

These are fantastic hunts on between 500-600 acres, almost a square mile of thick mesquite and scrub brush. In addition, multiple food plots and protein feeders and numerous water sources. Bow, Muzzleloader, Pistols are all ok, but remember if you draw blood, you own that animal weather you collect it or not. Be certain that when you select your weapon that you know the risk. We do not recommend shooting at moving and running animals because the shot may not hit where you planned it to hit.

Meals are right at the ranch with the Texas flair that Texas is known for. Evening meals of steaks on the grill, can make this an annual hunt for you and your friends and family. Early morning of this low impact usually begins with a short ride, then on foot to look for your elk. They can be in the thick mesquite and brush or hitting the food plots. Then again ambushing them on the water holes or moving through the cover. Elk can be very elusive at times and are weather driven. Their habits and movement during hot weather can be completely different in cold weather. They move when and how the weather pushes them. The guide is good at using the temperature and time of day you are hunting to put you in the right place at the right time.

The hunt usually last 1-2 days depending on the cooperation of the elk and the skill and accuracy of the hunter.


Tips for Hunting with Us

- Wear light clothes in early Fall, September to October, as the Texas Heat will still be a factor when hunting Elk in the middle of the day. In November thru February, a warm coat is necessary to have but not always used.

- For elk hunting, we recommend a rifle caliber of at least 30 calibers, i.e., .300 magnums, 30-06, .308 or 7mm magnum. If you like, we also can loan you an elk hunting rifle for only $25 including ammunition.

- If you are not as mobile as you once were, that is not a problem...we will hunt elk Safari Style from our specialty hunting rigs, as much as possible and you will still be able to cover most of our ranches and we'll wait for the Elk to come to water holes. We can accommodate elk hunters of any age; we host multiple 85+ year old elk hunters each year. We also have youth hunters shooting their first big game. The beauty of The Safari Hunting Style is that the adult, the youth and the guide are all in the same vehicle.

Our guides can field dress your elk, load onto a trailer, and then can either cape and quarter your elk for a shoulder mount and pack the meat on ice in your coolers (bring 2 to 3 120 quart coolers per elk). Or, we will transport your elk to a local meat processor to have your elk fully processed into steaks, sausage, jerky, roasts, etc...our local meat processing plant has been in business for nearly 60 years and process over 100 elk annually...they will ship your elk meat directly to your door via UPS 2nd Day Air, and it will arrive frozen, solid as a rock.

Kerr County Texas is the Exotic Hunt Capital of the World, and we have over a dozen professional taxidermists in the area...most of these taxidermists charge from $1000 to $1100 for elk shoulder mounts, and 25% more for pedestal mounts if needed.


The thick brushy 500+ acre ranch is located about an hour from the Dallas / FT Worth Metro-Plex.

Hunt Type(s):

Guided private land free range and estate hunts.

Species & Recommended Seasons:

Elk and red stag.


Over the counter as needed.

Party Size:

Weekends only and only one group per weekend.  One or more per group. Non-hunters welcome.

Mode of Travel:

4x4 vehicle and foot.

Hunt Difficulty:

This is considered a low impact hunt meaning easier walking.

Animal Quality:

See animal sizes in the pricing section.

Success Rate:

It has been a 100% success and will continue to be so.


Rifle hunts are 2 days per animal unless you fill early with no guide fees.

Cow Elk or a Red Stag Hind Guides Choice $1795

Elk or Stag spike or Guides Choice 2x2 $2195

Elk or Stag 3x3, Guides Choice $2895

Elk or Stag 4x4, Guides Choice $4395

Elk or Stag 5x5, Guides Choice $5495

Elk or Stag 6x6 or better, Guides Choice $6000-$10,000 depending on size.


Lodging and meal’s package option $195/person for 24 hours.  Non-hunters $99.


Use the Outfitter Request Form to check on availability, ask questions or book it.  Or call us using the phone number at the top of this page.


Disclaimer: All prices are per person unless otherwise noted.  No additional fees for booking, the price is the price except for NM adds sales tax.  No licenses/tags included, game processing and taxidermy costs extra.  There is no guarantee in hunting.  Availability and prices subject to change by the outfitter or landowner and they have the last word.  If there is a discrepancy between our posted price and what they say it is then we do our best to negotiate for you but offer no guarantee.  We do our best to audit them making sure what they say they offer they actually do by visiting them or going on hunts we pay for.  No refunds for early tag out.  No guarantee on filling hunting licenses.