Aoudad (Barbary Sheep) Hunting

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Code State Price Range Voucher DIY or Drop Camp Semi Guided Fully Guided Combo Available Low Impact Lodging Meals Licenses Class Success
NM-QUERQUEALBU-ANCHJWFRC-IMJ  NM $3,295     X       Varies On Your Own      
 NM-AZ-ELENB-LOR-ICKR NM $2995 - $3995     X X         Over the Counter    
OK-LVINCA-PPLETRI SNCHRA-TEVES OK $1000 - $4000+       X  X    Lodge Included Over the Counter 20-30+"  
TX-ASDALL-HH-ONNIER TX $2,995       X     Hotel   Over the Counter 30+" 100%
TX-ERSONSAND-THOW-IKEM TX Call     X       Cabin   Outfitter    
TX-LZAA-TEB-ROYT TX $1795 - $3500     X X     Lodge Included Over the Counter   100%
TX-TIONJUNC-NBOR-RAVIST TX $2,495     X       Cabin On Your Own Over the Counter 30"  
TX-BLINDU-LCGFW-IKEM TX $2,995       X Exotics   Available Available Over the Counter 130-145+" 100%
CO-TX-IA-LBURNCOL-CRL-LANA TX $3,495       X Anything   Included Included Over the Counter    

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