Hunt #9031 Guided Antelope/Elk/Deer or DIY Archery Deer Private Land Trophies

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Hunt ID: 9031

GMU: Elk Unit 106,Deer Region K, Antelope Units 94, 99, 100

Location: Southwest WY

Licenses: Bull elk licenses takes 4 to 9 preference points, cow elk takes no points, deer can take 3, antelope takes 6.



  1. Guided but lodging and meals on your own
  2. Private land hunting
  3. Unit holds trophy animals
  4. Elk range from 250” to 320”+, Late Season 280” to 350”+
  5. Antelope range 76” to 86”
  6. Buck deer range 150” to 190”+


Great Prices, Private and Public land, wherever the game goes, with mostly Low Impact Hunts.

I am welcoming you to a unique hunting experience, one that hunters genuinely enjoy because in most cases we exceed the hunter’s expeditions.

The reason we do this is simple, it is my personal goal. I do not want to be just another outfitter I want to exceed my Hunters goal and continue to build lasting friendships. Since I began hunting myself an incredibly early age, I found out first how important it is to take an animal for my hunters. I also found out how much that along with the experience of the hunt, the learning, it is why you continue to tell hunting stories years after the hunt is over, the horns are on the way and the meat is no longer filling that void spot in the freezer.

We have been blessed to hunt an area that trophy animals are quite common. In some cases, it does require points to draw the licenses, but we can help with that. Because of the points there are very few hunters in our area, so you will not be greeted by Blaze Orange hunters as you drive through towns.

On our private land, if you see blaze orange, it is you wearing a cap or vest that is all that is needed in Wyoming.

Our experienced and dedicated guiding is part of our commitment to teamwork approach that has proven to be extraordinarily successful. One thing that elevates us over other outfitters is the experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated guides that we provide. They spend countless hours in the field to ensure that each client can pull the trigger on a big-game trophy. While we cannot guarantee that you will fill your tag, we can guarantee that you will have a unique experience and create lasting.

Our Hunts are on PRIVATE Land for a higher success, higher quality. To keep our prices as low as possible we do not supply meals and lodging but allow you to select the motel and restaurants of your choice.

◊  Hunters handle meals and lodging as defined below to lower the cost to us and the hunter

◊  Combo hunts available

◊  All hunts include transportation to and from hunt area after meeting in SW Wyoming.

◊  All hunts include quartering and delivery of meat to the game processor

◊  All hunts include capeing and delivery to the taxidermist

◊  Transportation to and from the airport is the responsibility of the client

◊  All hunts out of SW Wyoming about 80 miles east of Salt Lake City, Utah as a reference, north of Interstate 80 for easy travel year around for the Hunter.


Cow Elk

Cow Elk Hunt fully guided 3-day hunt on private land. Lodging and meals are not included. 

Expect to see cow elk every day. Hunt area is 106 type 4 or 7.  Hunters have over a 

90% chance of drawing tags for this hunt with Zero Points. Season is November 1- December 31.

Late Season Cow Elk $1895

On the Deer, Elk and Antelope Hunts a “Special” designated license will increase your opportunity to draw by 1 point in most cases. If you do not draw you get the funds you applied with and the “Special” upgrade minus a small application fee back. 

REMEMBER In Wyoming just because you were not successful for the draw you don’t automatically get a free preference point. In Wyoming you must Buy a point in July-October, to have a point for the following year.

Do not miss the opportunity to purchase the point is July which is discounted down to about 1/10 of the price of the Special Buck License that you must get to draw a license if you forget the July date. That is unless you have an ugly red headed stepchild. that you do not want to have the money.



Antelope guided 2-day hunt on private land. Lodging and meals are not included. 

Expect a great chance at a quality antelope, average 76-82 inches, length 13”-16”. 

Hunt areas 99-2 0 Points, 94, 2 Points, 100, 4-5 Points. Season is September 10- October 31.

Antelope $2095



 1ST COME 1ST SERVE PLEASE. Antelope area 99 type 2 you can draw with 0-1 points. 

Everything else Takes 4 or more


Mule Deer (Special Outfitter Points Buy Down Program in effect on This hunt

TROPHY Mule Deer fully guided 4-day hunt on private land. 

Lodging and meals are not included. 

Expect a deer that scores from 150-190+ inches. 

Hunt area is Region K, 1 point or special buck license application to Draw.

Season is October 1- 10.

Mule Deer (Rifle) $5595

Without points the price for this $ 3995.


Mule Deer, 5 days of “Do-It-Yourself” archery hunting on private land. 

Lodging and meals are not included. 

Expect to see deer from 150-190+ inches. 

Hunt area is Region K. Season is from September 1- 30.

Mule Deer (Archery OR Rifle)

If you have 4 or more points or more (Outfitter Buy Down) $2595.

With no points $2495.



TROPHY Moose fully guided 7-day hunt on private land. Lodging and meals are not included.  Expect a high-quality Wyoming moose. Some of the best moose left in the  state is right here. 40 to 47 inch moose are taken every year. Hunt area is unit 27.  19 Points to Draw/Applications Due 2/28 Season is September 1- November 20.

Moose $7595



Elk fully guided 5-day hunt on private land. Lodging and meals are not included.  Expect a bull elk from 250-320+ inches. Hunt area is the General unit.  Tougher walking and shooting but plan on taking any bull you find.

Season is October 15-31.

Bull Elk (Rifle) $4395


Elk fully guided 5-day hunt on private land. Lodging and meals are not included. 

Expect a bull elk from 250-320+ inches. Hunt area is the General Unit. 

Season is September 1-20.

Bull Elk (Archery) $4395


Elk fully guided 5-day hunt on private land. Lodging and meals not included.  Catch big bulls migrating to winter grounds. Expect to see bulls  from 280-350+ inches. Hunt area is 106 type 1. 

Season is from November 15- January 31.

Late Season Bulls $6095



Local Meals and Lodging available during the hunt. 


Use the Outfitter Request Form or call us using the phone number at the top of the page to check on availability, ask questions or book it.


Disclaimer: All prices are per person unless otherwise noted.  No additional fees for booking, the price is the price except for NM adds sales tax.  Unless otherwise noted price is per person, no licenses/tags included, game processing and taxidermy costs extra.  There is no guarantee in hunting.  Availability and prices subject to change by the outfitter or landowner and they have the last word.  If there is a discrepancy between our posted price and what they say it is then we do our best to negotiate for you but offer no guarantee.  We do our best to audit them making sure what they say they offer they actually do by visiting them or going on hunts we pay for.  No refunds for early tag out.  No guarantee on filling hunting licenses.