Hunt #9003 WY Prairie Dogs 25,000 Private Land

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Species required
Combination Hunt required
1 on 1 Guide Option required
2 on 1 Guide Option


Hunt ID: 9003

GMU: Unit 7

Location: Newcastle, WY

Licenses: Over the counter.

The prairie dog hunting is semi-guided on 25,000 acres private, taking you to an area of prairie dog towns and left to shoot on your own.  Depending on the guide's availability he may stay with you while shooting.  Hunts do not start until May or June so that the pups are self-sufficient and seen on the mounts.  Prior to that if you shoot a female then all that year's pups will not survive.  A population is maintained by harvesting them and making the pups wise by shooting them as well.  The young once they are able to will be kicked out of the home mound and forced to dig their own home mound on the outside edge of the prairie town.  They are a resource like antelope and the habitat, population and harvest must be managed to continue to provide the quality of hunting.  They are not poisoned to eradicate them as is common practice across the cattle country.



Semi-guided Prairie dogs $195/person/day


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