Hunt #7004 Semi-guided Wild Hogs 860 Ac Private

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1 on 1 Guide Option required
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Hunt ID: TX-7004

About the Outfitter:

Hogs, hogs and more hogs, do the math. It is time to bring home the bacon!

You have 860 acres of North Texas with fantastic whitetail deer on it, along with habitat, cover and most important the only live water for 10 miles. Hogs migrate in like moths to a street light.

The property is leased for quality deer hunting, the lessees don’t want to shoot hogs, they don’t even want them there disturbing there great bucks sitting in the shade by the water next to food plots watching the summer pass and checking of the calendar, count the days until rut.

They are cautiously eyeing the 8 big fixed stands and almost that many bow stands while the hogs move in like unwanted in-laws! The elevated box blinds are carpeted and have glass windows.

The hogs bypass the greens in the food plots and have found all 16 of the protein and corn feeder. This cool clear stream has turned into a wallow.

It is time to see the in-laws being treated like outlaws. They must go. We are over run with hogs from big to small.

The daytime adventure is good and at night the temperatures dip to 85 degrees, there is a soft breeze and on goes the night vision equipment and then, and only then, do you see the number of hogs on the ranch as they leave the creek bottoms where they have stayed cool and hidden from the daytime heat and come to forage where the deer call home. The feeders are kept full and go off at 6pm and 7am each day. As the temperatures of August begin to cool the daytime hunting will get better.

The outfitter will meet you and show you the property and give you a map of the property which has the boundaries well marked. He will show you which stand the hogs are closest to at that time.

Hunting is always from a stand and not spot and stalk for safety reasons. You will have the outfitter on the property at all times and can be contacted by a radio he carries. When you shoot a hog, call him and he will get it into a cooler for you. There is no limit on hogs you can shoot all that you want to on your weekend’s only hunt. The hunts start Friday afternoon and end Sunday noon.

There are also alarms on the feeders as well as trail cams that pop into action when the hogs arrive.

When hunting at night there are infrared light that come on when a hog gets near the feeder. The infrared equipment makes it like shooting in the daylight. It is not uncommon to have 50 hogs in a sounder group come into the feeder.


The property is located South Toledo Bend.

Hunt Type(s):

Semi-guided private land free range hunt.

Species & Recommended Seasons:

Wild hogs.


Over the counter.

Party Size:

Groups of 2-4 hunters on the property

Mode of Travel:

4x4 vehicle and foot.

Hunt Difficulty:

This is considered a low impact hunt meaning easier walking.

Animal Quality:

Just about any size.

Success Rate:

100% success.


$500 per hunter per weekend.

For night hunting you can lease the infrared rifle and equipment for $150 for the hunt.

What’s Included:

  • Semi-guided access to 860 acres private land.
  • Landowner shows you the property.
  • Blinds and feeders already set up.
  • Field care of game

What’s Not Included:

  • Hunting Licenses
  • Lodging or meals
  • Transportation to Texas
  • Game processing
  • Taxidermy

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