Hunt #7001 Guided Whitetail Buck/Does/Hogs/Combos 90,000 Ac Private

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Species required
Combination Hunt required
1 on 1 Guide Option required
2 on 1 Guide Option

Hunt ID: TX-7001

About the Outfitter:

We offer the best and most flexible hunting available in Texas. We hunt on over 90,000 acres in multiple North Texas counties around Paint Creek.

You can’t beat this Texas whitetail deer special if you like to hunt the great North Texas Panhandle for deer and hogs. Not small deer like the hill country. These are big Panhandle deer.

The ranch herd had never been commercially hunted until 1998. At that time an intensive management program was put in place to further enhance the already outstanding deer herd. Our strict deer management program includes year-round supplemental feeding, food plots, strict harvest standards as well as habitat improvement. The wildlife has had little hunting pressure for many years. All hunts are fair chase and absolutely no high fencing is used. We strictly monitor our wildlife population. Hunting is reduced during drought years.

The deer in this area are generally larger in body size than those found in most other parts of Texas. The absence of hunting pressure has allowed our deer herd to grow and mature naturally.  


Near Abilene, TX.

Hunt Type(s):

You and your guide will have exclusive access to several thousand acres of unpressured trophy buck country on multiple properties. Guided 90,000 acres (140 square miles) private land. Tower blinds, ground blinds and tripod stands are placed in strategic positions and some of our hunts will involve glassing and stalking canyons and mesquite thickets.  Bow hunting will be primarily from ground blinds or tripods near mesquite thickets or natural funnels near food plots.

Species & Recommended Seasons:

Out premium ground is home to, big whitetail deer, sustained populations of wild bobwhite quail, hogs and more hogs, doves by the boat load along with migrating ducks, geese and even Sandhill cranes stuffing our ponds and grain fields. Don’t forget our long-bearded Rio Grande Turkey which can be hunted with archery equipment, shotgun and even rifles which few states offer. When you have an abundance of game you will always build an abundance of predators and hunts to keep their populations as low as possible and your game numbers as high as possible. The bobcats and coyotes are plentiful with some gray fox thrown in the mix. Part of our high game numbers is due to the last 3 years of wet springs helpful for all animals but a requirement for the turkey and quail hatchlings by providing bugs that make up their diet for the first 60 days of life. 


Over the counter.

Hunt hogs any time of year.

License and Season Information 

Lay of the Land:

You will be hunting trophy whitetail bucks in terrain that includes dense mesquite thickets, creek bottoms, deep rugged canyons, crop fields, and food plots. 

Party Size:

1 or more and non-hunters allowed for $100/day.

Mode of Travel:

Vehicle and foot.

Lodging & Meals:

Included for each hunter.

Animal Quality:

Typical whitetail are 120” to 140” but 170” or better is available.

Success Rate:

99% success rate.

Hunt Difficulty:

Low impact meaning easier hiking, if any, than most hunts.


Whitetail Deer

Doe Hunt

All with 3 nights lodging but no meals.  January only.

1 whitetail doe $795

2 whitetail does $995

3 whitetail does $1195. 

Does limited so may not always be available.


Management Whitetail Deer Stand Hunt

Lodging/Meals/Guiding 2 days includes 1 buck, 1 doe and 1 hog $1595. Guide chooses the buck for you. You can exchange a doe for a hog for a 1 buck and 2 doe hunt. Management deer 7 point or less or a small basket rack or has other genes to remove from the herd.


Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunt

Special Ranch Whitetail in Kent County for bucks up to 160". Only 6 hunts per year to keep quality high. Lodging/Meals/Guiding 3 days includes 1 buck, 2 does and 1 hog $3995. Guide chooses the buck for you. Corn and protein feeders.


Exclusive Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunt

Targeting bucks of 170" and better.  Lodging/Meals/Guiding 3 days includes 1 mature buck, 2 does and 1 hog $4595. Guide chooses the buck for you. Corn and protein feeders.


You can exchange a doe for a hog for a 1 buck and 2 doe hunt. 



Premier Texas Wild Hog Hunting

Our ranches hold literally thousands of wild hogs and varmints. The wild boar hunter will see plenty of action at food plots, water holes, and brush thickets. Coyotes and other predators cover the ranch. The lack of hunting pressure has made these animals very approachable (sometimes too close for comfort). You are sure to have a successful hog hunting adventure with us. Our ranches are covered with big Texas hogs. You will hunt trophy boars in rugged pastures, food plots, feeders and creek bottoms. Our hogs are big, mean, and present a challenging and fun hunt. Hogs are spread over the entire ranch. You will hunt hogs in multiple counties. Our success rate is very high. You will have ample opportunity to harvest the hogs you want - from trophy boars to quality meat hogs. There is no closed season on hogs so book your hunt for any time.


2 days (multiple locations as scouting proves the population is the highest) take up to 3 hogs (1 trophy boar and 2 meat hogs).

$695 per person includes lodging, meals and guide.


Add dogs to your hunt for $195/day.

Night vision hog hunt - Meals, lodging, & guides. suppressed .308's - $495 per person per night.


Helicopter Hog Hunt

1 Dinner, 1 night stay, breakfast and lunch with 1 hour hog hunt hunt by helicopter $1395/person.  Extra hour in helicopter $1195.

Additional night with dinner/breakfast $95.



Additional days $1595 per person per day.

Non-hunting guests $1395/ea

What’s Included:

  • Guided access to 90,000 acres prime hunting private land.
  • Lodging
  • Meals
  • Transportation while on the ranch
  • Field care of game

What’s Not Included:

  • Hunting Licenses
  • Transportation to Texas
  • Game processing
  • Taxidermy

Use the Outfitter Request Form to check on availability, ask questions or book it.  Or call us using the phone number at the top of this page.


Disclaimer: All prices are per person unless otherwise noted.  No additional fees for booking, the price is the price except for NM adds sales tax.  Unless otherwise noted price is per person, no licenses/tags included, game processing and taxidermy costs extra.  There is no guarantee in hunting.  Availability and prices subject to change by the outfitter or landowner and they have the last word.  If there is a discrepancy between our posted price and what they say it is then we do our best to negotiate for you but offer no guarantee.  We do our best to audit them making sure what they say they offer they actually do by visiting them or going on hunts we pay for.  No refunds for early tag out.  No guarantee on filling hunting licenses.