Hunt #5128 Mule Deer/Elk DIY/Semi-guided Wilderness Pack-in

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Species required
Combination Hunt required
1 on 1 Guide Option required
2 on 1 Guide Option

Hunt ID: CO-5128

About the Outfitter:

This outfitter specializes in trophy timberline bucks and only take 2-4 hunter per year after these big bucks. The good thing is that his pricing is one of my lowest, the bad thing is that he always books early every year so a $200 security deposit during the year prior to the year you hunt is highly recommended to be able to get any seats that become available early so you don’t miss out. The $200 will be part of your deposit.

It is a Semi-guided drop camp. The horseback ride in is simple. The Wrangler-Guide will provide you with the intel of where from camp they pack out the big deer so you can be a way of their travel. The outfitter will previously have given you the details about the hunt location as well. No horses will be left in camp.

The camp is for 2 hunters and has an extremely high success rate. The wrangler will pack out your buck of course, just move it to an area that they can get a horse to load it. If possible, just quarter it so that it is easier to move it will probably be quartered on the horse anyway because of its size. You will of course also see elk come through at the same time. Everything is moving that time of the year.

All our camps are remote and are accessed by horseback and pack string. The camps are in wilderness areas, proposed wilderness areas, or areas that are very remote and not easily accessible. There are NO roads or ATV trails near our camps. The camps are fully outfitted with a wood stove, propane stove, cots, chairs, table, cooking utensils, pots, pans, dishes, firewood etc. We will check our camps every two to three days and pack out your game to your vehicle or cold storage.           

He also does outfitted hunts for elk. Most are down in the timber and aspen, with open parks that elk love. He is able to set camps at different altitude to be flexible with the weather.  His pack in hunter success is high and makes certain that each camp is aware of the best locations to find elk. With that information you can take advantage of his elk knowledge and experience to get you into elk. That is what he has done for his profession for 32 years, if he were not good at what he does. He has a very high hunter return rate and of course they return because of his high success on mule deer and elk.


Central Colorado, GMU044, GMU045, GMU047 and GMU444.

Hunt Type(s):

Semi-guided drop camp.

Species & Recommended Seasons:

Elk, deer and bear any season, archery through rifle.


Archery, 2nd and 3rd rifle elk is over the counter.

Muzzleloader, 1st and 4th rifle elk are a draw.

All deer licenses are a draw. Bear is over the counter.

License and Voucher Watchdog will get you the licenses you need.

License and Season Information

Lay of the Land:

Everyone talks about elk hunting in Colorado, but where do the big bucks go when they get back and away from all the people and hunters. Many times, you hear of the big timberline bucks that are taken every year on the special timberline high draw awfully expensive hunts TROPHY MULE DEER BUCKS at TIMBERLINE is this outfitters specialty, and he keeps 1 camp just for that trophy mule deer purpose. This makes extremely low pressure on the trophy bucks, and high success on the wall hanger bucks.

These trophy timberline mule deer bucks are massive and spend the summer where they do not see humans for their own safety and to protect their age and their ability to put a lot of Ivory on the top of their head. Besides the early special season hunters, the short range shooting muzzleloader shooter pursue them above timber line also because of the sizes they see on the wide open tundra. In fact, I have never seen anyone on that tundra shoot a small buck. They are always mature 5x5 bucks or bigger with mass.

They have an annual travel corridor that they travel every year. When the 2nd season arrives, middle to the end of October, they are at about 9,000 feet and have gotten into a defined path through the mountains heading down hill. Most hunting is sitting on a high point watching the deer come to you.

Party Size:

Two to 6 hunters per group.

Mode of Travel:

Horse and foot.

Animal Quality:

Typical elk 4x4 to 6x6. Mule Deer 5x5 and up.

Success Rate:


This outfitter has been outfitting for over 32 years and drop camps in prime ground is his specialty. He specializes in drop camps in some of the best elk and deer country in Colorado. His successful camps for archery, muzzleloading and all four of the rifle seasons for deer and elk have made a name for him and his successful hunters.

Hunt Difficulty:

Medium to low impact meaning somewhat easier hiking than most hunts. Horses do a lot of work for you


Elk & Mule Deer - Rifle

2 hunter drop camps           $1,795/person

4 hunter drop camps           $1,795/person

Elk & Mule Deer - Muzzleloader

2 - 6 hunter camps $1,795/person

Elk & Mule Deer - Archery

2 - 6 hunter camps $1,795/person

No extra charge to have a bear license in your pocket or to shoot a bear.

Bear pack out - $500 extra charge.

What’s Included:

  • Semi-guided 5 day hunt
  • Camp set up with furniture and equipment (bring your sleeping bag and personal gear)
  • Game packout (except bear)

What’s Not Included:

  • Hunting Licenses
  • Food
  • Transportation to Colorado
  • Field prep of game
  • Game processing
  • Taxidermy


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Disclaimer: All prices are per person unless otherwise noted.  No additional fees for booking, the price is the price except for NM adds sales tax.  Unless otherwise noted price is per person, no licenses/tags included, game processing and taxidermy costs extra.  There is no guarantee in hunting.  Availability and prices subject to change by the outfitter or landowner and they have the last word.  If there is a discrepancy between our posted price and what they say it is then we do our best to negotiate for you but offer no guarantee.  We do our best to audit them making sure what they say they offer they actually do by visiting them or going on hunts we pay for.  No refunds for early tag out.  No guarantee on filling hunting licenses.