Hunt #5062 Guided Mule Deer/Elk/Antelope on 20,000 Acres Private

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Species required
Combination Hunt required
1 on 1 Guide Option required
2 on 1 Guide Option

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Hunt ID: 5062

Units: 3rd/4th Rifle seasons GMU003, GMU301; Early seasons through 2nd Rifle GMU441

Best Seasons: Any

Licenses: Over the counter licenses for elk in 2nd and 3rd rifle seasons or easy draw for 4th Rifle.  Low to no preference points for mule deer and antelope.  Vouchers may be available, ask for details.



1. 20,000 acres private property.

2. Northwest corner of the state which holds the most elk.

3.Only 4 archers per year, 50% success



Archery Elk Guided 5 days $1795/person
Archery Mule Deer Guided 5 Days $1795/person
Archery Antelope Guided 5 Days $1795/person
Rifle Bull Elk Guided 5 Days $2795/person
Rifle Elk/Deer Guided 5 Days $3794/person
Rifle Father/Son Elk for 1 Bull & 1 Cow 5 Days $3795/person
Rifle Mule Deer Guided 5 Days $2295/person
Rifle Trophy Mule Deer Guided 5 Days $2695/person
2nd Rifle Mule Deer/Antelope Guided Combo $2995/person
Rifle "California Hunt" Mule Deer $2295/person
Rifle Antelope Guided 3 Days $1795/person
Rifle General Season Cow Elk Guided $1795/person
Late Season Cow Elk Guided $1795/person but reduced $100/person times number of additional people in your party.
Add 2nd animal to Bull Elk Hunt = $995 for Cow Elk, $1495/person Mule Deer
For 1 on 1 guiding add $500


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