2021 Hunting Availability

Hunt availability I started posting last year in late Summer since lots of people were asking but we were also running out.  This year outfitters have been getting booked up early so I thought I would start showing it now for 2021.  FYI, no link below means it's not on the website.  Contact me for details.


In Colorado, generally elk licenses are over the counter for archery, 2nd & 3rd rifle season.  There are licenses available for elk, deer and antelope and we have voucher hunts.  In NE deer licenses are online first come first served starting 8/3.  WY draw deadline has past but cow elk and antelope licenses available.  NM outfitters with vouchers available.

Mule Deer

Archery and Muzzleloader season available on most hunts.

Rifle is available on Hunt ID's:

CO 5018, 5025, 5042, 5047, 5053, 5055, 50625072, 5076, 5081, 50825094, 51015139, 5157.

WY 9002, 9005, (9024, 9029 take preference points), 9032, 9037.

NE 60026015, 602260316035.  

NM 7525

Contact us for season availability.

Bull Elk

CO in general archery, 2nd and 3rd rifle licenses over the counter.  Muzzleloader/1st & 4th rifle a draw.

WY takes 3 preference points to draw a license so let me know if you do and I'll send hunt options.

DIY/Semi-guided Cabin or trespass: 5025, 5072, 5076, 5081, 5094, 5101, 5139, 5151

DIY Drop Camps: 50255072, 5127

Guided: 5047, 50535061, 5062, 5072, 5077, 5079, 5082, 5127

NM 8229 

Contact us for season availability.

Cow Elk

Most cow elk hunts available.

Contact us for season availability.


Archery and Muzzleloader season available on most hunts.

Rifle is available on Hunt ID's:

NE 6001, 60026004, 60106015, 6022, 6026, 6028, 60316034 and 6035

Several options in TX, OK, IA, MO, OH and others from $1295/person.  

Contact us for details.

Pronghorn Antelope

CO typically archery licenses over the counter, rifle and muzzleloader are a draw.  All WY a draw.

CO with vouchers available 5042, 5154

WY 9002, 9003, 9005, 9012, (9024, 9029 take preference points), 9032.


 Other Hunts

Alaska Caribou: Only one camp available 8/6-13 2021 for 2 to 4.  See Hunt ID 1103.

We also have SD buffalo, TX hogs and exotics, Alaska and Canada hunts for moose, caribou and black bear.

 Planning for 2022 or Later

Contact us for details.


Need a license or voucher?  See how we can get you one here: License Watchdog