2020 Hunting Availability

2020 availability is going fast!  If you have a license or expecting to draw or buy one let us know where by contacting us and we can let you know what's available.  Looking for an outfitter to use your license?  We can help with that.



In Colorado, generally elk licenses are over the counter for archery, 2nd & 3rd rifle season.  There are licenses available for elk, deer and antelope and we have voucher hunts.  In NE deer licenses are online first come first served starting 8/3.  WY draw deadline has past but cow elk and antelope licenses available.  NM outfitters with vouchers available.


Elk & Mule Deer

Link To Details: CO-5151

Hunt #5151 DIY/Semi-Guided Elk/Deer, 500 Ac, Camp on Property

Bookings: Available if you have a license or use Watchdog

UNIT(S): GMU008 (Unit 7 license)

Location: North Central CO

Price: $ 995 to $1495

Party Size: 1 to 4, mixed groups if needed to make 4 max per season.

Resident elk herd, hunt by foot, horse, ATV.  Low to medium impact hunting.


Link To Details: CO-5077

Semi-Guided Shooting Houses 4,000 Ac Private/Public

Bookings:Available 4th rifle bull elk and deer $3995.

UNIT(S): GMU003, GMU301

Location: Northwest CO

Party Size: 1 to 3 per cabin

Best Seasons: 2nd or later for deer or 2nd to 4th rifle for elk.

  1. Unique cabin with a shooting house above sleeping quarters (climb 6 rung ladder)
  2. Low Impact semi-guided hunting with game retrieval


Mule Deer

See hunts above for CO. 

Nebraska Archery and Muzzleloader season available on Hunt ID 6015, and any season on 6034 and 6035.

More options may be coming.  Contact us for details.


Cow Elk

Hunt ID 8063 near Vernal Utah semi-guided cow elk, 3 day hunt, multiple alfalfa farms, voucher included to get a license $1795/person.  An assistant to gut and load an elk for $250 for the group.

In CO unless you have a license all cow elk booked full this year.  More options may be coming.  Contact us for details.



CO and WY are booked up for 2020.  Contact us for details for 2021.



Several options in NE, TX, OK, IA, MO, OH and others from $1295/person.  Contact us for details.


We also have MT and SD buffalo, TX hogs and exotics, Canada hunts, moose, caribou and bear.


Need a license?  See how we can get you one here: License Watchdog