2020 Hunting Availability

2020 availability is going fast!  If you have a license or expecting to draw or buy one let us know where by contacting us and we can let you know what's available.  Looking for an outfitter to use your license?  We can help with that.



In Colorado, generally elk licenses are over the counter for archery, 2nd & 3rd rifle season.  There are licenses available for elk, deer and antelope and we have voucher hunts.  In NE deer licenses are online first come first served starting 8/3.  WY draw deadline has past but cow elk and antelope licenses available.  NM outfitters with vouchers available.


Elk & Mule Deer


Link To Details: CO-5076

Bookings: Available all seasons except 2nd half of 2nd rifle.

Hunt #5076 DIY Elk/Deer Cabin 325 Ac Private ATV/Horses Ok

Bookings: Available all seasons except 1st half of 2nd rifle. Licenses 1st rifle bull elk, over the counter licenses for archery, 2nd and 3rd rifle. Deer licenses available.  Private land cow licenses available.


Location: Western CO

Party Size: 2 to 4

Best Seasons: Any

Price: $1495-$1595

Altitude 9,000' so great for archery to early rifle seasons.  Cabin surrounded by USFS.


Link To Details: CO-5094

Hunt #5094 Semi-Guided Elk/Deer 10,000 Ac Private

Bookings: Available archery for antelope/deer, muzzleloader for antelope/deer, rifle for antelope, 2nd/3rd/4th rifle deer, 2nd/4th rifle elk.  Deer vouchers available $795 2nd rifle, antelope vouchers $1200, licenses leftover.  Over the counter bull elk licenses 2nd rifle.  Watchdog for 4th rifle elk and any deer seasons.

UNIT(S): GMU003, GMU004, GMU301

Location: Northwest CO

Price: Semi-Guided $1995 - $2395/person

Party Size: 1 to 12


Link To Details: CO-5025

Hunt #5025 Guided/Semi-Guided Elk/Deer Cabin/Ranch/Drop Camp 3000 Ac Private

Tent drop camp open archery 3rd/4th weeks & 2nd half of 2nd rifle or 3rd rifle

Cabin open archery 2nd/3rd/4th weeks

Ranch any season except 4th rifle.

Bull licenses over the counter archery/2nd/3rd rifle. Deer vouchers available $1495.

Archery Dates: 9/2-9, 9/11-17, 9/12-16, 9/19-23, 9/26-30

Muzzleloader Dates: 9/12-16

UNIT(S): GMU421 Western CO

Price Semi-guided Elk/Deer:

Drop Camp for 2 to 8 (no 4th Rifle) $1795/person

Cabin Open All Rifle Seasons for 2 to 6 $1995/person

Lodge 2nd Rifle for 4 at $2495/person

Lodge 3rd Rifle for 4 to 8 $3295/person

Lodge 4th Rifle Either Sex License $2495/person

Price Guided Deer: 

Ranch lodging/guide/meals mule deer hunts only $1995/person.

Five ranches and BLM, low impact hunting.


Link To Details: CO-5101

Hunt #5101 DIY Elk/Deer Cabin 40 Ac Private Bounded 3 Sides USFS

Bookings: Available archery, 2nd and 3rd rifle seasons bull licenses over the counter.

UNIT(S): GMU061 is where cabin is located but only 3 miles away from GMU062.

Location: Western CO

Party Size: Archery 2 to 9, 1st/2nd Rifle 4 to 9, 3rd Rifle 4 to 7.

Price: $1395 (non-hunters extra)

GMU061 where the cabin is takes preference points to draw an elk or deer license since it's a trophy unit.

GMU062 is 3 miles away and elk licenses are OTC for archery, 2nd or 3rd rifle. Licenses are draw for all deer licenses or elk muzzy, 1st or 4th rifle seasons.

Great for larger hunting parties.  


Link To Details: CO-5151

Hunt #5151 DIY/Semi-Guided Elk/Deer, 500 Ac, Camp on Property

Bookings: Available if you have a license or use Watchdog

UNIT(S): GMU008 (Unit 7 license)

Location: North Central CO

Price: $ 995 to $1495

Party Size: 1 to 4, mixed groups if needed to make 4 max per season.

Resident elk herd, hunt by foot, horse, ATV.  Low to medium impact hunting.


Link To Details: CO-5047

Hunt #5047 Elk/Deer/Antelope/Bear Guided Cabin into Wilderness

Bookings: Only 2 spots 2nd rifle and 3 spots 3rd rifle.  Bull elk over the counter licenses GMU082.

UNIT(S): Bear GMU068 & GMU681, Deer and Elk GMU066, GMU067, GMU068, GMU681, and GMU082

Location: Western CO

Price: $3695 to $4695.

Party Size: 1 or more

Mule deer 180" to 200".  Foot and vehicle travel.  Located between two trophy units.  Licenses over the counter.


Link To Details: CO-5053

Hunt #5053 Elk/Deer/Antelope Semi-Guided 3500 Ac Private Near 100% Success Rifle

Bookings: Available archery elk 2 spots 1st week, 3 2nd week, 4 3rd week, 2 4th week $3195/person. Cow elk 3rd/4th rifle and December, licenses available.

UNIT(S): Elk GMU441, Cows and Antelope GMU214 and GMU441

Location: Milner, CO

Price: Elk from $1795, Antelope from $1495/free voucher, Cows $1795.

Party Size: 1 to 6

Best Seasons: Any

  1. Elk near 100% success rate for rifle and 100% opportunity archery.
  2. 3500 acres private land and local heard of elk
  3. Guides set you up on alfalfa fields, migration corridors and throughways.
  4. Hotel Lodging 20 min away and near Steamboat Springs
  5. Lower altitude hunting, low impact, hunt by snowmobile if enough snow on the ground


Link To Details: CO-5077

Hunt #5077 Semi-Guided Shooting Houses 4,000 Ac Private/BLM

Bookings: Available 2nd and 3rd rifle for elk/deer.  Deer/antelope vouchers available. Cow elk last 3 days of 2nd and 3rd rifle with licenses available.  Bull licenses over the counter and cow elk licenses available.  Deer vouchers $500 2nd/3rd rifle, 4th rifle $2500, antelope vouchers.

UNIT(S): GMU003, GMU301

Location: Northwest CO

Party Size: 2 to 3 per cabin

Best Seasons: 2nd or later for deer or 3rd to 4th for deer and elk.

Price: Bull elk from $3495, Deer $2495 except 4th rifle $3495, Cow Elk $1595 with lodging last 3 days 2nd or 3rd season

Shooting house with living quarters downstairs and shoot out the window upstairs. 


Link To Details:CO-5081

Hunt #5081 DIY/Semi Elk/Deer Cabins 600 Ac Private/Public

Bookings: Available all seasons except 3rd rifle. Leftover elk licenses archery, bull elk 2nd/3rd/4th rifle, cow 1st rifle. Leftover deer licenses muzzleloader and 4th rifle voucher $795 may be available.

UNIT(S): GMU074, GMU741

Location: Southwest CO

Price: $995 plus $100/night (3 nights min)

Party Size: 2 to 4

Best Seasons: 2nd rifle or later for elk, any for deer

  1. Great deer and good late season elk
  2. 500 acres private
  3. Owner will show you lodging, where deer/elk water/feed/bed
  4. Neighbor has 1000 acres with alfalfa CRP
  5. BLM and USFS near by
  6. You might need to move to public ground to find elk in earlier seasons.



Link To Details: CO-5042

 Hunt #5042 Guided Mule Deer/Antelope 100,000 Ac Private

 Bookings: Available and only 1 mule deer voucher available.  Whitetail and antelope available.

 UNIT(S): GMU107.

 Location: Eastern Colorado Plains.

 Price: $3495, vouchers $1495

 Best Seasons: Late

 1: Mule deer 180” to 220” and whitetail to 160” to 200”.

 2: Lodging and meals included for mule deer, antelope/whitetail available at a very reasonable extra cost.

 3: Mule deer 3 days (extra days possible), whitetail 5 days, antelope 2 days.

 4: Three miles river bottom to hunt and lots of crops and CRP.


Mule Deer

Check options above.  NE is booked full this year.  More options may be coming.  Contact us for details.


Cow Elk

Check options above.  WY is booked full this year.  More options may be coming.  Contact us for details.




Link To Details: CO-5042

Hunt #5042 Guided Mule Deer/Antelope 100,000 Ac Private

Bookings: Available 7 spots and vouchers are $500.

UNIT(S): GMU107 but also some in GMU097, 98, 100, GMU101, GMU102, GMU109, GMU112, GMU113, GMU114, GMU115 and GMU116.

Location: Eastern Colorado Plains.

Price: $1595 or $2095 with a voucher

  1. Lodging and meals available for $100/night.


Hunt #5154 Antelope Semi-Guided 45,000 Ac Private

Bookings: Available and only 3 youth vouchers left for 10/03-10/11.

UNIT(S): Elk GMU114

Location: Eastern CO

Price: Antelope $1695, voucher free

Party Size: 1+

Best Seasons: Any

  1. 45,000 acres private land
  2. Semi-guided showing you property, water holes, crops, etc.  DIY hunting.
  3. Hotel Lodging and DIY meals.


Link To Details: CO-5053

Hunt #5053 Antelope Semi-Guided 3,500 Ac Private

Bookings: Available with 1 antelope voucher left for 09/26-10/11.

UNIT(S): Antelope GMU214 and GMU441

Location: Milner, CO

Price: Antelope from $1495/free voucher

Party Size: 1 to 6

Best Seasons: Any

  1. 3500 acres private land
  2. Hotel Lodging 20 min away and near Steamboat Springs
  3. Lower altitude hunting, low impact, hunt by snowmobile if enough snow on the ground


WY is booked up and options above are our best and last deals for 2020.  Contact us for details.



Several options in NE, CO, TX, OK, IA, MO, OH and others from $1295/person.  Contact us for details.


We also have MT and SD buffalo, TX hogs and exotics, Canada hunts, moose, caribou and bear.


Need a license?  See how we can get you one here: License Watchdog