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Special Note: Hunts on this ranch for 4th season bull or cow, or late season Cow hunts only. The cow hunts are $ 1495 and the 4th season Bull hunts are $ 3495.

Some Highlights of this Hunt are the Low Prices That cause him to book up early every year.

These hunts are limited in number so be certain to contact us as soon as possible so

Someone else doesn’t get your slot. With the exception of the Trophy Mule Deer Hunt

by Trinidad our hunts are low to some moderate impact hunts but mostly low impact.

All hunts are guided except for spring and fall Merriam’s Turkey hunts which are semi-guided.

With the exception of antelope and Trophy Mule deer all hunting is done in GMU085

Antelope hunting in in GMU133 and GMU134 with Trophy Mule deer is in GMU140.


Bull Elk Muzzleloader, Archery or Rifle $ 4500 reduced down to only……………………………………. $ 2895

Everyone asks, “When is the best time to get a big bull”, the answer is always, “During the Rut.”  During September the bull that hide all year suddenly appear out of nowhere chasing cows and bugling. It is not unusual to see many bulls over 310 during this time. This Magical Time of the Rut, is not just enjoyed by the bulls but also the primitive weapon shooter. Archery and muzzleloader are the only weapons allowed in September. Archery equipment has grown in popularity and extended ranges are a product of skill and practice with them. Muzzleloader hunter can collect on bulls with almost twice the range as the archer. With the use of Powerbelt bullets, and Blackhorn209 powder the legal weapon muzzleloader kill ranges are exceptional even with Colorado limitations as no scope, no pellet powder and so on.(See Colorado hunting regulations for weapon requirements) We do all of the elk calling for you by setting you 20 yards in front of us. The way the bull coming to the cow calls can hang-up like a 1000 pound turkey 100 yards out land he is still raking, bugling and tearing apart the forest within 80 yards of you and you modern day in line muzzleloader.


On this hunt the dinner meals, lodging and private property access in not included initially but because of complications coordinating the departure time of the ones staying at the lodge with the ones in town arriving late is now provides them and at discounted prices. They are defined below. The complete package would have been $5500 but has been reduced down to only $ 3495.


These would be an additional $1000 but the outfitter is offering them at only $300 for the private land access. The outfitter is very conscious about the problem when hunters stay in Trinidad and don’t arrive at the lodge at the set time and all of the hunters are ready to go, it becomes a very difficult arrangement. Because of this conflict he is offering his 5 days of dinner meals and lodging at $ 600 discounted in half for only $ 300. This makes the total $ 3495 instead of $ 4500, a great deal to jump on.


I had encouraged everyone to take advantage of those options at their great discounted price. I had some that didn’t and they were the reason for making the whole group late in the field in the morning which was not fair to the rest of the group. The concerned guide hated to leave for the mountain without them thereby causing a dilemma that was not a satisfactory in everyone’s mind. So the dinner meals and lodging with the discounted price must be included making the booking for the hunt, making the complete package only $ 3495. The value of hunting private land cannot be over rated for success over hunting public land with your guided hunt. In addition the closest lodging is over 30 minutes away at about $75 per night. Add that to $40 per day and a round trip drive, plus getting up earlier for drive to the lodge to meet up with the guides. A late arrival will not hold up the group enroot to the place where the elk are located. We don’t mean to be hard on this but we cannot wait for late arrivals when everyone in the lodge is loaded up and ready to go. Staying at the lodge allows the guides to pick you up each morning, and you are right in the middle of the action.

(Requires 0-1 point to draw muzzleloader bull elk license but 1st and 4th season zero points.

Archery, 2nd rifle and 3rd rifle are over the counter, point to draw a buck deer license)




Rifle Cow Elk late seasons 3 day $2500 without Dinner Meals, Lodging and private land access fee

Discounted down to only……………………………………........................................................................   $ 1495

Private land access fee is $100 and the dinner meals and Lodging $ 100 for the 3-day hunt.




This is a great meat hunt, to fill your freezer,

(Requires 0-1 Point to draw, there are 3 late seasons in November, December and

January, with specific cow elk licenses for each.

We run 95% success on our cow elk hunts on private land and usually take 15-20 cows every year.

It is extremely weather dependent. Dinner Meals and lodging is not included on this hunt. Many of these places

lower altitude private river valley locations that are semi-clear of trees. Because of this the shots can be

longer than normal. Practice on a 24”x24” target at 300 yards and your shot will be more like 200 yards.

If you don’t practice as luck would have it your elk will be at 300 yards.


(Before applying confirm that the outfitter is not booked during that season date and reserve your spot.

If you don’t draw you can get a refund, roll over or a different hunt with that deposit.)



Muzzleloader Cow elk 3 days’ hunt guided with dinner meals and lodging.....................................  $ 1495

This is a great time to be in the woods during the elk rut. If there are bulls

there are always cows in the herd this time of the year. Good weather and

low to moderate impact hunting.

(Requires 0 point to draw a muzzleloader cow elk license, leftovers

Licenses are usually available.)


Rifle season Cow Elk during Bull Rifle Seasons $2000 reduced down to only.........................    $ 1495

This is a great father and son or husband and wife hunt with one carrying

a bull license and the other one carrying this cow license.

(Requires 0 point to draw a cow elk license)




(Mule Deer licenses usually require a voucher hunt unless you have points to draw)

Mule Deer GMU085 area non-trophy $2495 discounted down to only.........  $ 1495

(Requires 1 point to draw a buck deer license)

This is a 2 on 1 guided hunt which even at this low price has been a 100% hunt success.

1 on 1 pricing for guided hunts is $1000 on the 5 day hunt.



** Special Trophy Mule Deer Hunt

This is a great opportunity to shoot a good Muley on a 1 on 1 hunt and the price cut way back because the meals and lodging is reduced. The Colorado landowner Voucher for GMU140 is included in this deer hunt, and if you wish an elk can also be added. My goal is to make this deer voucher hunt as reasonably priced as possible for a good Trophy Mule Deer Hunt.

This outfitter books up quickly. If you would like to put a $200 security Deposit down on a hunt you may do so and it is well advised to do so with the balance of the 50% deposit due February 1st, of the hunt year.


As you know it has been extremely difficult to get mule deer licenses in the west due to the cutback on mule deer licenses being released by the different Game and fish departments across the western states. You will hunt the lower rolling Pinyon, Cedar and Pines for the deer.


This a special 1 time only Mule deer hunt 8000 acres guided 1 on 1 the last half of the 2nd season for         $ 3500. Then there is a $2500 landowner Deer Voucher with the hunting 1 on 1 on a ranch adjacent to the famous Ranching for Wildlife Ranch, “Crazy French” and others along the Colorado/New Mexico border. These bucks are managed and main their 180 plus reputation with 190’s the common outcome but breaking 200 is very possible depending on shooting ability and how hard you want to work for the buck.


The outfitter has agreed to provide this hunt at a discounted rate.  Instead of $6000 he is willing to reduce the hunt and voucher for only $ 4495 for 2016. Additional if two hunters will but both hunt and be guided 2 on 1 instead of the 1 on 1 he will reduce it down another $ 500 for each hunt to only                           $ 3995! 


The first hunter purchasing thus hunt has priority as to on hunter or 2 on 1 or 1 on 1 and his choice of hunting dates either the first 4 ½ day or the last 4 ½ days of the 9 day season. Meals and lodging are not included in this hunt but the outfitter will provide you some reference on lodging in Trinidad, Colorado.


As you know it has been extremely difficult to get mule deer licenses in the west due to the cutback on mule deer licenses being released by the Game and fish departments. You will hunt the lower rolling Pinyon, Cedar and Pines for the deer.


This a special 1 time only Mule deer hunt 6500 acres guided 1 on 1 the last half of the 2nd season for $ 2500. Then there is a $2500 landowner Deer Voucher with the hunting 1 on 1 on a ranch adjacent to the famous Ranching for Wildlife Ranch, “Crazy French”. The outfitter has found that the hunt is so easy he is going to provide the hunt and voucher for only $ 3495 for this year.




(If you are an archer no problem all antelope east of I-25 is over the counter!

(Antelope licenses usually require a voucher hunt rifle or muzzleloader unless you have 1 point to draw while Archery Antelope licenses are unlimited and available over the counter.)


Trophy Antelope Buck Gun GMU133 and GMU134 $ 2500 discounted down to only..............    $ 1495

This is a guided 3 day Rifle hunt or 5 day muzzleloader or archer hunt. We pre-scout the water holes before you arrive and find which antelope are using which water hole to make you hunt as short as possible.


The antelope taken average scores ranging 13” to 15” and some breaking the 80” line on 12,000 acres of prime antelope ground of taken open pasture, and water holes. 8 permanent blinds on water holes are in place with ground blinds available for other locations. Lodging on the ranch is included with your hunt.


Water hole blinds can be used for archers, or muzzleloaders. Also on special occasion father and son teams for the sons first antelope hunt.


New Mexico is famous for big bucks but require a $ 1500 to $ 2000 landowner voucher. We are close to the New Mexico border, just a few miles into Colorado. So instead of the high dollar voucher we just require 1 point to draw a license for this large area of private land. The mild winters and cattle with water sources in the summer allow these bucks to get to that trophy age and the genes in the area support that growth.


The Late Season Doe Antelope hunts usually have Leftover licenses available for sale October 1st.

Otherwise it is a 100% draw if applied for in March, even as a point first choice and an antelope doe license second choice.

It is a great meat hunt for the rifle hunter. There is no lodging included in this hunt but on ranch lodging is $ 149.95 for rifle and $ 199.95 for the 4 day archery hunts. Either way that breaks down to less than $ 50 per night and your guide will pick you up right at the home lodge. The only other lodging available is over 30 minutes away in Trinidad and about $75 plus per night. In addition if some stay at the lodge and some in Trinidad you have a possibility of running late and missing the group leaving for the hunt.

In addition we will provide free meat processing for your antelope on all hunts except for the doe hunts.


Archery Season Dates are usually………………………08/15 to 09/20

Muzzleloader Season Dates are usually…………….09/21 to 09/29

Rifle Season Dates are usually…………………………..10/01 to 10/07

Rifle Late Season Doe hunt Dates……………………..12/01 to 12/05




Semi-Guided Merriam’s Turkey Hunt 3 Day $1000 Discounted down to only ......................  $ 495  

$ 150 per day after the 3 days.

Spring season is April and May dates, while fall season is the month of September but with minimal bookings, due to archery and muzzleloader deer and elk seasons.     

This Semi-guided hunt includes a map of the property boundaries, also marking where the turkeys are most often spotted and other tips. You will be hunting without a guide but he will be available via cell phone.

The spring season can be drawn with 0 points you just need to put in for the Spring Turkey Application Period in January of the year you are to be hunting. If time slips away you can pick up a license at any Parks and Wildlife Office for GMU085 over the counter.

You can shoot 2 tom turkeys if you wish but you must draw a license and get one from the draw. The hunt price is an additional $395 for the extra turkey if approved by the outfitter first.



Mountain Lions


Only a few Mountain Lions Hunts are provided on this vast country inhabiting deer and elk, there natural food supply. These cats have fed well but snow conditions and snow machines with dogs leading the chase is on that you will never forget as you look at you beautiful mounted Mountain Loin and remember the extreme adrenaline rush with this chase.


High success Lion on call hunts for any cat $6000 reduced down to only $ 3995 for hunter being on an on call basis. Lion hunting is all about snow on the ground when hunting. The deeper the snow the sooner the cat will tree and GAME OVER.

This outfitter wants to see hunters go away with a cat so he make the price as low as possible and does it on a on call basis so that when a good storm comes in that is when you go. That is why his success is so high.


A 5 day hunt taking any cat that, “trees” above 110 pound Shemale is $ 3995. For those that want the 180 pound toms…. They don’t grow on trees; so to speak those hunts are   $ 5495.You will be hunting with dogs on 30,000 plus acres in 4 wheel drive trucks, ATV’s, Side-By Side ATV’s and ATV’s with snow tracks. I have hunted and Guided in South Western Colorado successfully for many years. With 1300 acres of my own private ground plus much more we can go where the game is not just where we are. With many trophy deer and elk taken by my hunters I may not be a know it all but I guarantee that my glass is half full.

I cannot guarantee that you will kill an animal, but my honest values will ensure you receive the most professional enjoyable and hopefully successful hunt. I’m a sportsman with strict ethics and I’m committed to the fair rules of hunting.

I hope you understand that you get a real hunt. The animals you see are not penned up; they live in the wild – roam free and have still their wild instincts. There is no baiting and we do not plant corn fields to attract them. Remember – you get a fair hunt.

Of course we have first aid training, but so far we haven’t had to use our knowledge, which proves that we know what we are doing. I professionally guide you for the lowest possible price, without sacrificing the success.

5 Day Mountain Lion Hunt with dogs and snow equipment for $ 6000 discounted down to only …………………………………………………………………………………………………………….…..$ 3995

Black Bear

Bear hunts are in September. These hunts follow Colorado Wildlife regulations of no bait or dogs used for the hunt. In the morning we cover a lot of ground and do spot and stalk bear hunting in areas that have natural bear feed, Scrub Oak acorns, berries, and found animal kills. The bears are eating 20 hours out of 24 to prepare for winter. They will be out eating until the colder weather comes and stops the food sources from providing any more food for the bear.

Most of our black bears hunt you will find that 50% of the bears are shades of brown or blonde. These are beautiful bears for rugs and mounts since a color phase bear is not common throughout the rest of north Americas bear populations at this high rate of occurrence.

In the afternoons we focus on water holes that the bears use to water in while gorging themselves. This time of the year the day time temperatures can reach as high as 80 degrees so watering multiple times per day is a must for these gorging deer.

These hunts include lodging also.

Guided 5 day bear hunt $ 3000 discounted down to only …………………………………………………… $ 1995


With time, about 25 years we have seen our hunter’s age and desire a different type of hunt to match their age and comfort. Your lodging will be 3 bedroom size homes with full shower, heating and the things you desire as you travel over the 50 year mark. This and the way we hunt, along with the country we hunt we call it LOW IMPACT HUNTING (LIH). This doesn’t mean that we are not successful but on the contract we are highly successful because although our hunters are over 50 what they have sacrificed in leg strength they have much more replaced with experience and knowledge of hunting.

We have a high return rate with some hunters with us for 7 and 8 years. Sorry to say to other that because of this our openings each year are minimal, but we welcome you if we have an opening.

My Guide’s or myself pre-scouts the areas before we hunt even if they traditionally are good hunting.

We offer a guided, 5-day hunting trip. All hunts have exclusive access to our 5,000 to 10,000 acres of private mountain property. One guide is available for a maximum of 2 hunters. No crowding or excessive hunting. Hunting opportunities on this ranch are strictly limited. Because the properties are mostly private ranches the access is very beneficial providing high success rates on low to minimal impact huts.

We had a very high success rate, not just opportunity this is the hunter sealed the deal when provided a fair shot to make a success rate of approximately 80% over the last years. You hunt wild animals. They are not penned up nor artificially attracted in any way.

Licensing in Colorado is a bit complex. The main deadline for applying for licenses is just after March 31st. – you need a State Hunting License. There are several types of licenses available in Colorado. You must be booked before you apply for licenses to assure you have a place to hunt when you draw your license. There over the counter 2nd and 3rd season Bull elk licenses and all archery except for deer is over the counter. Other than that they are draw or leftover after the draw. Get with us in early March and we will assist you in getting the correct licenses.

We are committed to doing everything on our part to make your hunt as enjoyable and successful as possible.

We guide only fair hunts which is a part of why we cannot guarantee a 100% success rate. We expect that you will do your part with equal determination in your shooting experience and recent practice and skill level. You need to know your rifle and ammunition. You need to arrive with proper clothes and hunting equipment.

•             We help you retrieve and dress your kill at no additional cost

•             Meat processing and packaging is available locally at an additional cost

•             Transportation to and from your lodging to the hunting site is included

•             Prices are subject to change

•             Gratuities you feel appropriate will be greatly appreciated


Colorado has a very complex license application process which we know inside and out, and unless you hunt Colorado on an annual basis may not. Please allow us to assist you in applying for the license drawing so there is no question you will be hunting with us. Colorado’s license application refund options are extremely minimal short of death of the applicant, and we don’t want that.

We are a State licensed, insured and bonded outfitter business. When making your reservation you will be required to read and sign our business terms, conditions and disclosure form.

We are a reputable, honest and hardworking outfitter. We cannot be responsible for weather, animal behavior or other circumstances beyond our control.

Regarding taxidermy: We have a local accomplished taxidermist.

Regarding Meat Processing I have part interest in our local facility and see that my hunters get some discounts for using that service.

You will be hunting part of approximately 10,000 acres of private land available for prime hunting in the heart of the Rocky Mountains east of the Spanish Peaks area.  He also has the exclusive hunting rights for several other surrounding ranches. Numerous arrowheads and spear points have been found on the property, indicating that this has been an excellent hunting ground for hundreds of years.




Additional Muzzleloader Hunting Details

Hunting is much like hunting with a long range bow on steroids. The way to hunt is about the same in fact if some of your group drew either sex muzzleloader and the other’s don’t want a cow only muzzleloader license they can get an archery license and still hunt with you. The archery and the, “Bull” muzzleloader are both either sex. There are very few units in the state in any that this is all possible.

Keep it quiet but this is one place that you can draw a Muzzleloaders either sex or cow elk every year.

With Either sex muzzleloader elk as your first choice and muzzleloader cow elk as second choice you will be in the driver’s seat. More than ½ the time you will draw the either sex every year, and for the times that you don’t you will get a muzzleloader cow license with a guaranteed muzzleloader either sex the following year. Because Muzzleloader hunting for elk during the September rut has become so popular and successful that the general rule across the state is that you will require at least 2 points to draw in any unit, or GMU. This is definitely the exceptions to all the rules to the hunters benefit.

One down side is that this outfitter manages his elk number and only books lightly every year so book first before putting in so you will have a place to hunt when you draw.

                                             Res                      Non-Res

Drawn Out At                  0 Pref Points       0 Pref Points

# Drawn at Final Level   35 of 77               6 of 59

% Drawn at Final Level  45%                      10%


You must put in either sex elk as a first choice because the selection never got to the second Choice

If you have a hard core muzzleloader they could put in for Muzzleloader Bull first and muzzleloader cow second for GMU085 and always muzzleloader hunt elk and more than ½ of the time they will draw a Bull license.


Additional Archery or Bow Hunt

Regardless of whether you are looking for elk, deer, bear, antelope or turkey, bow hunting is a totally different challenge than hunting with a rifle. You have one chance. You can fire one arrow – that’s all it takes.

Bow hunting is silent but deadly. It is a true hunter / sportsman experience. Most of all kills with a bow are made at a relatively short distance, on average approximately 30 yards. Bow hunting requires patience, excellent hunting skills and good reflexes and, of course, top-notch hunting gear. Success includes the animal, the hunter, the guide, the location and a little bit of luck.

Here in Colorado we offer unforgettable bow hunts for deer, bull and cow elk, bear, antelope and turkey. Our archery hunts are very limited. We suggest that you use one of our permanent tree stands. You can bring your own, but wild animals are easily spooked by any changes and new scents.

If you are an experienced bow hunter, you know what to expect. If you are a novice bow hunter, here are a few tips:

•             Wash your hunting clothes two months in advance

•             Do not use any soap or detergent

•             Store these clothes where they can’t pick up additional scents. I.E.-don’t put them near a BBQ-

               Grill or in a garage etc.


•             Store and transport your hunting clothes in a sealed bag or container

•             Change into your hunting clothes when you arrive at your hunting area

•             Don’t wear hunting clothes at the campsite, bar etc.

•             Shower and wash with neutral, non-scented soap like Ivory

•             Avoid eating garlic, onions and other strong seasonings

•             Eat breakfast and drink coffee AFTER your morning hunt

•             Do not eat fried chicken, donuts or ice cream before your hunt. You want to be the hunter, NOT

               the bait!


•             Don’t use any bug spray or mosquito repellent.

•             Know your bow

•             Make certain your sight is properly adjusted.

•             Make sure you nock your arrow correctly

•             Wear the right clothes adjustable with weather conditions

•             Make sure your guide does the same. (Just kidding – we know what we’re doing)

Our permanent tree stands are placed where you have a clear view of a very attractive/inviting water hole or of a game trail next to a creek. Which location is better will be determined by the species you are hunting, the amount of fresh tracks, weather and wind direction. (Usually the best technique for elk is a combination of stalking and bugling.)

If you prefer, you can hunt from a ground blind. Sometimes conditions necessitate changes in location and strategy. The best hunting time for deer is early in the morning and before sunset. You need lots of patience, and sometimes rattling brings in the big bucks. Black bears are very unpredictable, but usually the early morning hours and right before sunset are the most successful hunting times. Bears roam a very large area and most times they move in without making any noise. We would suggest and prefer that you hunt bears from a tree stand and not from a ground blind. It gives you a great kick, if you stand next to a bear, but it makes it really hard to keep your nerves under control and do the right thing. Plus a bear’s nose can cover ground level quite easily so up off the ground is a great advantage.

So, go in the tree stand and maximize your chances and your safety.

We recommend bows with at least 50 lbs draw and heavy razor sharp arrowheads, which are able to crack through bones. You should be able to place a good deadly shot from 20 – 50 yards distance. Sometimes you have to sit still in the tree stand for a few hours. You must be able to keep your excitement under control. We know how hard it is to keep the adrenalin under control when a big trophy animal moves in. You should train to make shots from the ground and from a tree stand.

Make sure, you know how to handle your bow and arrows safe, even under low light conditions. After you have shot an animal, it usually doesn’t drop right on the spot, so remember the direction it disappeared. If you find the arrow, leave it right where it is, mark the spot and the direction in which the animal disappeared immediately with an orange ribbon. Do not go after a wounded animal without us, a wounded bear is no fun, and your bow is useless in the thick brush. If you make the wrong decision at this point, you might lose your trophy or you get injured. A wounded bear of any type is equipped to hurt you if you are between him and safety. Killing a bear during an early season hunt is always a possibility since they don’t go into hibernation until sometime in October when their food supply runs out. A trophy fee of $ 500 is you shoot a bear while you are on another hunt. You must also have a bear license in your pocket. A September bear hunt for bears only is a 5 day hunt and because of the Colorado Bear hunting laws is a low success hunt, around 10%. The specific hunt is $ 1995 for a 4 day September Bear hunt.


Additional Deer Hunting  (Low Impact Hunt)

There is excellent mule deer hunting on our deer prime 5,000 acre private mountain property. You may see white tails, hybrids (a cross between mule deer and whitetail), or even a timber buck (a timber buck is a buck whose antlers grow almost straight up). Your deer license is good for any of these.

Big bucks and does usually move to their feeding grounds or watering holes in the morning and evening. Our hunting acreage features several water holes and a spring fed creek.

Morning and evening is prime time for our guided hunts. Between hunts, hunters enjoy relaxing and other leisure activities. This prime hunting area is at approximately 7,000 feet elevation. We have a combination of attractive meadows and dark woods. The average rifle shot for deer is between 50 and 250 yards.

Every year our hunters take really nice animals. 5 x 5 and bigger are not unusual. You may also find nice non-typical bucks or even timber bucks. We offer you a hunting experience, not just a kill. Every morning when we pick you up, we coordinate the hunting methods and hunting spots with you. Attention is paid to weather conditions and behavior of animals. We cannot guarantee 100% success, but during the past years our success rate has been approximately 70 – 80%. We have found several arrowheads and spear points indicating that this has been a prime hunting area for hundreds of years.

Colorado has various restrictions and specific hunting regulations. Check the Colorado Division of Wildlife’s web site at for details. You will be hunting in an area designated and identified as number GMU085.

If you don’t get a license in the drawing, and we are not able to provide you with a landowner permit (without additional costs for the landowner permit) contact us within 14 days after the drawing, and your down payment will be refunded in full.

Sometimes there is a possibility to get a leftover license or over the counter license. If you are interested, let us know and we will inform you about availability.


5 Day Private Land Hunts – Guided no Meals / Lodging

Mule Deer              $ 2700 for the 1st 4 hunter that pay a deposit reduced down to only $ 1,495


License Fee

Meat Processing Fee

Lodging / Food

$500 Discount on any Big Game Hunt Combo (excluding Elk Cow Hunt)

We also offer fully guided hunts, please contact us for prices


Additional Elk HuntingDetails

Our 5,000 to 10,000 acres of private land is located close to Aguilar in Southern Colorado which is an excellent hunting spot for elk bull and cow. You find several big meadows, pinyon trees, ponderosa and cedar. We have several year round water holes and a nice spring fed creek running through. This is simply, a paradise for elk.

The number of hunters is very limited to ensure that our hunters have a good chance to get quality animals and nice trophies. Every year our hunters get their share of 4×4, 5×5 and 6×6 elk bulls and a body weight of up to 900 lbs. Because the elk hunt is limited to a total of 20 hunters, max 4 hunters per season, we suggest early reservations. The really low price makes it one of our most popular hunts. Actually, we are able to give it to you for about half the price other outfitters around here charge.

We guide the morning and evening hunts, because this is the time when the elk move in their feeding grounds or to the water holes. In Rifle Season the average shot will be between 150 and 300 yards. The hunting methods will depend on the season, the weather and the condition of the hunter.

Since all elk on our property are really wild animals, and not penned up, we have no influence on their behavior. Before every hunting day we will coordinate the hunting methods and hunting spots with you. We cannot guarantee a 100% kill, but you get an excellent chance to improve your hunting skills. We hunt hard and we have a success rate of approximately 80%. Remember, you hunt on private land and you are not surrounded by an unlimited amount of hunters. We guide you, but you make the call whether the trophy is right for you.

About Lodging we can rent space for you in neighborhood houses. Most of them have finished basement or room they rent out to our clients for $25 per night per person with a group of 4 hunters. If you would like to go to a motel you are welcome to do that also.

You should practice shooting in a sitting, kneeling and standing position. The most desirable position is to be able to knee and have a rest to put the forearm of your rifle on.

Colorado Law requires a Center Fire Rifle with at least a .243 cal. (6mm) or larger Rifle. We personally prefer a 7mm Magnum or a 300 Winchester Magnum. You can’t over kill an elk. They are tough and in the country that you are hunting in if they go down then get back up and run a mile it may take 2 hours on snow to find him. Without snow the odds of finding this are with the elk not you. Use the biggest rifle that you shoot well and I would put the 270 Caliber 150 grain bullets as a healthy elk minimum. There are other different minimum restrictions so I would suggest that you check with the Colorado Division of Wildlife in advance.

Colorado has a bit of a confusing Licensing System, the bottom line is, and you are hunting in Area GMU085. If you are not successful in the drawing, you can try to get an unlimited license or a leftover license. Sometimes we have landowner permits too. If we don’t have any it is possible that Discounted Hunts and Vouchers has some 303-776-7528

If you don’t get a license in the drawing, and we are not able to provide you with a landowner permit (without additional costs for the landowner permit), contact us within 14 days after the drawing, and your down payment will be refunded in full.

Sometimes there is a possibility to get a leftover or an over the counter license. If you are interested, let us know and we will inform you about availability.

* All deer/elk licenses allocated by unlimited draw only. Buck deer and bull elk tags are not available in all 4th season hunts. They are available on a GMU by GMU basis.



Additional Turkey Hunting Detail

Turkey Hunt – now we are talking real fun! Bring your buddies and have the time of your life. Don’t get me wrong, turkey hunt is not just for guys. Bring your family or girlfriend. You will be surprised how many wild turkeys we have.

Bring yourself and your hunting party for the best spots. You will find huge toms with long, impressive beards, jakes and hens. I don’t know what more fun is, hunting turkeys with your buddies or frying turkeys at the camp. Better learn how to call them, because they are definitely not stupid, and if you spook them you will be surprised how fast they run or how well they fly. Ah – who cares. We can come back the next morning and have the same fun again. If you want to book a really enjoyable, relaxing hunt, stop by for a turkey – you won’t be disappointed. 


Guided Turkey Hunt

3 Day Minimum

$125 per day



Additional Bear Hunting Detail

Do you want to hunt for a black bear, a cinnamon, a blond, a dark brown or even a spotted bear? We call these “nose on four legs.” They are hard to bag but we have lots of experience hunting bears.

You will see bears averaging 150 – 400 pounds. Sometimes you will see a sow accompanied by her cub(s). Two years ago, we saw a female with three cubs. They are off limits but always fun to watch.  Last year we identified at least 6 different bears in the area. How many more are roaming around our hunting acreage is anyone’s guess.

So, if you are looking for a really exciting hunt, we would suggest a bear hunt.

If you want the ultimate experience, go for an archery tag. It always gives me goose bumps when one of the big bears shows up at a distance of 30 yards or less. Black bears are extremely smart and easily spooked. They are totally wild animals. Baiting and hunting with dogs is illegal in Colorado. The success rate of these challenging hunts is 50% for experienced hunters. You can be very proud when you bag one of these hard-to-get trophies.

Bears have been a mystery and have fascinated hunters for hundreds of years. Native Americans considered the bear to be one of the smartest of all animals. Bear claw necklaces were proudly worn as proof of an experienced hunter.

There are various requirements, restrictions and regulations regarding bear hunting in Colorado. We suggest that you check the web site of the Colorado Division of Wildlife for information.

Their web site is

Colorado’s licensing system can be a bit confusing. Hunting will put you in the hunting area identified as unit GMU085.

If you don’t get a license in the drawing, and we are not able to provide you with a landowner permit (without additional costs for the landowner permit) contact us within 14 days after the drawing, and your down payment will be refunded in full or held until next year to hold your spot in the next hunt.

Sometimes there is a possibility to get a leftover license or over the counter license. If you are interested, let us know and we will inform you about availability.


Additional Mountain Lion (Cougar, Puma) Hunting Detail

We offer our customers a new exciting first class hunting opportunity. Premium Mountain Lion Hunt is located in one of the prime hunting areas, with an excellent success rate.

Our 1 x 1 hunts for one of the most dangerous and smartest predators in North America are top of the line. Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the powerful jaws and claws! A Mountain Lion has the power to drag a full grown deer up into a tree. They can leap more than 18ft in height and 20ft in length and run approximately 35 miles an hour for a short distance.

The English language has more than 40 names for mountain lions and they are the 4th largest cat in North America. Their preferred prey is deer but elk are not out of the question thus every predator is an opportunist. Killing is usually accomplished with a powerful bite at the base of the skull, breaking the neck.

We hunt in two areas on approximately 27,000 acres of private land. The season goes from November until the end of March.

We’ve already proven in the season ending this March that we know what we are doing – just look at the pictures. We were a 100% successful. We know the area and with our year-round hard working guides and our well trained dogs you get a legal, ethical and fair chase. We focus on safety when hunting a Mountain Lion; you are dealing with a very mean cat if treed. Remember, you are hunting in their backyard and mountain lions are supremely adapted.

Our hunters must comply with State regulations and must have the Mountain Lion education certificate. You can complete the course for this on the Colorado Division of Wildlife website.

Tags are purchased over the counter with a kill cap for each hunting area.

We take only mature Mountain Lions, up to 180 lbs with claws up to 2¾” and our guiding service makes the most out of your hunt. The Mountain Lion hunts are no walk in the woods. They require good equipment, hunting skills and conditioning – but the reward can be the hunting experience of a life time.

There are only limited Mountain Lion hunts available. Our prices are more than fair so don’t wait. We can’t set a date or with your deposit you can go on our on call list. In that way when we have a good track from a good lion when the snows condition is right we can give you a call with arrival in 2 days. If you schedule won’t allow it than you can pass to the next hunter on the last and so on until your schedule and the Lions location are blessed by the weather  and you come shoot a Mountain Lion with us.

5 Day Hunts – Guided

Mountain Lion Guided 1 on 1 with Dogs



License Fee



Meat Processing

We do antelope, elk, deer, mountain lion and bear

Prices:   Depend on the animal but are extremely reasonable, please discuss the details with the outfitter after booking.

Skinning:  ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..………. $40.00

If you want it caped, this will be done by a taxidermist who charges approximately………..  $60.00

House cuts, paper wrapped, are 80¢ per pound.

Bulk sausage added to your ground venison is extra.

All prices above are subject to change without notice.



Regarding taxidermy: for many years we have worked closely with an accomplished taxidermist.

If you would like to have him mount or just cape your animal we can put you two together.



Other Activities:

Fishing in Lathrop State Park (Walsenburg)

Lake Trinidad or Monument Lake is excellent horseback riding

Several Museums in Trinidad

Galleries, forts and the Walsenburg Mining Museum

Steam-powered Scenic Railroad

You may even want to buy a horse from the Outfitter

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